1180 Raymond’s Fire Drills Continue Despite “Being Over”

Just two weeks after making the big announcement that the incessant fire drills plagueing 1180 Raymond Blvd., Newark, NJ would cease since “construction was over” we have received a notice that the fire drills will begin again on Monday, June 18th.  Apparently either the construction was not completed and the whole “end of the fire drills” was a farce specifically intended to placate me or new construction has begun that they didn’t realize was going to be done.  Neither option is impressive.

The worst part of the whole thing is that after all of the arguing and fighting over the fire drills and making a big deal that the fire drills were over this notice has gone out without so much as a peep or acknowledgement that they had just told us that this wouldn’t happen again.  They are acting as if they never made the “you may now stop ignoring the fire alarms” notice.  I can’t believe that the don’t have even the slightest hint at an apology for having made a big to-do about no more fire alarms.  It isn’t like months have past.  We have barely had the usual period between fire drills.  In fact, I don’t believe that we have missed a single “every other week” fire drill like we have always had.  Nothing has changed.  Not one thing.   Not the fire drills.  Not the lies.  And not the BS.

P.S. I am still waiting, after about two months, for the manager to call me back after they made a point of explaining how I could call the manager anytime that I wanted to to talk about the fire drill situation.

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