Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS) – Bahamut

One of the most confusing pieces of FF3 (at least on the DS version) is what to do when you meet Bahamut, the dragon, in the mountains.  If you make it this far on your own you quickly discover that the dragon kills you almost instantly, there is nothing that you can do.  The character […]

Sofia the Miniature Schnauzer Euthanized

I discovered tonight that Sofia, the miniature schnauzer that we got to know through emails when Oreo was in the hospital with pet food poisoning in 2007, was euthanized just a few months after Oreo recovered from his bought with pet food poisoning.  Sofia had to be put to sleep due to complications arising from […]

Handbrake Settings

Now that I am getting comfortable with Handbrake and its settings I have noticed the dearth of information online about peoples’ preferred settings. I feel that this information is very valuable and so have decided to share some baseline information about my own settings. Unless otherwise stated I do my conversions to the .mp4 MPEG4 […]