June 19, 2007: Class in Manhattan

I got up this morning but didn’t really have time to get down to the gym and do my normal routine. I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of time to get into Manhattan and to find the office where I am taking my class this week (I am taking the Solaris 10 update class) and I didn’t want to be running late on my first day. I know that I will have to deal with security issues getting into the building and since I don’t have access to the class information page I am unable to look up the class details. So I don’t know what room or floor I am heading for. And to make things even more difficult my BlackBerry is in Frankfort and I won’t have it back until Friday night. So I am more out of touch than usual. Boy am I thankful that I have my Treo complete with email and Google maps.

Sometime during the night Cablevision got the cable and Internet for the building turned back on. So things appear to be back to normal. I got yesterday’s daily posted and signed in to work to see if I was missing anything. I was supposed to do some work online last night but obviously that had to get postponed until tonight.

I headed out around nine in the morning to get out to Manhattan to my class. I am really looking forward to having a week of something “different.” I really enjoy having a chance to get out of the office. The change of pace is good for me. Better than a vacation I think. I get to keep using my brain and learning stuff but in a different setting and with different people. There isn’t a single person in my class that is in the office with me on normal days. But there are several people that I work with via phone, email or IM that are in the class with me.

Class was great. I really feel like I learned a bunch today which I don’t often get to say in these professional development courses. This particular course is a “Solaris 10” update course which is meant for experienced Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 administrators looking to learn the changes (aka the deltas) between the current versions and the latest and greatest. I have not worked with Solaris 10 except for doing a simple desktop install on my SUN Blade 100 desktop at home so I am getting a lot from the material. And I am having a good time too. My instructor was so happy with my class participation and knowledge that he asked me to attend his Linux class next week – and he is willing to pay for me to be in the class! Considering the prices of these classes that is no small offer. I am hoping that I will be able to do so but it is unlikely.

I hung around a little while after class because I didn’t need to get home an hour ahead of Dominica. So I helped out in the classroom for a little while. About an hour probably. After I was done there I walked a coworker that was in from out of town just for the class down to the World Trade Center and pointed him in the right direction to get to Battery Park and a view of the Statue of Liberty. I seem to do a lot of walking these days.

I got home just seconds ahead of Dominica. She and Oreo were just pulling up to 1180 in the BMW as I was getting to the front door. So Min had me hop into the car and we drove up to Nutley and got dinner at Chevy’s. We had thought about going there last night but decided that it wasn’t worth getting the car out of the garage again just to go but tonight it just “worked out.” We also hit Barnes & Nobles and got several books to help Dominica study for the CompTIA Network+ exam.

We got back to Newark and 1180 and Dominica spent the evening assembling the new corner desk that arrived yesterday.  That took all evening (it was a short evening.)  And I had to work between two projects that were going on tonight.  One break fix issue that demanded immediate attention but mostly just coordination from me and one web design issue that was waiting on my time since the weekend when my Internet access went down.  I am hoping to be able to complete that tonight but there is a big thunderstorm coming and I am worried about losing power shortly.  Or Internet access again.  So I am posting SGL and getting back to work and then will be off to bed.

No gym for me today.  No time at all.  Not even time to put the desk into place 🙁  But at least I got to do a bit of walking in Manhattan today so it wasn’t a totally wasted day.

Weight Lost So Far: 22.5 lbs

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