June 20, 2007: Please Stand Clear of the Doors

Is it just me or is it really strange that every time you get onto a subway car in New York City there is someone who can’t figure out that the doors are closing and stands in the doorway being repeatedly hit by the closing doors that have to re-open again over and over. Seriously. Do these people not feel the doors hitting them? Are the so bored that this is their entertainment? Do they think that the train will be able to leave with the doors open? Do they think that the doors will just keep pushing until they are forced inside or lose a limb? And it always seems to happen to a person who has tons of space to move into the center of the train but likes standing right on the very lip of the door almost ready to fall backwards onto the platform.

I got up this morning and hit the gym before walking over to Penn Station to grab the PATH. I just did forty minutes but I figure that that isn’t bad considering all of the walking that I am doing in Manhattan although really I need to do that because of all of the bad food that I am eating because I am in Manhattan.

Class was good. I am really enjoying it. We got out at four thirty and I was home before five thirty. My main job for the evening was getting my desk moved into place. Boy is it nice to finally have the desk and everything the way that it is supposed to be. My next thing is to get a second monitor for my main workstation. The apartment looks so much better now and it is so much easier for me to work. Unfortunately the office space of the apartment is quite small and we barely have enough room for both of us to sit at our desks.

Weight Lost So Far: 19.5lbs

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