June 22, 2007: The Toccos Come to Newark

Today was my final day of working in Manhattan but I am coming back tomorrow with Dominica‘s family. My foot still really hurt today but what are you going to do? I am sure that it will be fare worse tomorrow after walking all day in the city again.

Class went well today. We covered so cool stuff like DTrace that I have been interested in but have not had a moment to actually sit down and touch yet.

I didn’t get home until almost six so it actually ended up being a long class day – the longest of the entire week, in fact. I got home and had to do some work but my remote access was unavailable so I did some cleaning while checking every five minutes to see if I had been given the ability to get back into the system.

It was around seven when I finally got access again and was able to start doing real work. At right about that same moment Craig, his friend Rich, and Dominica all got to the apartment. Craig and Rich had been circling the block for a little while trying to figure out where to meet the valet. It turned out that they finally parked and saw Dominica unloading Oreo from the BMW so she was able to escort them up while I kept working. I was still working after eight! What a busy night.

As soon as I was done working we all jumped into the shuttle and got over to the Ironbound to get dinner at Mompou – our usual place for showing off the Ironbound to people new to they are av. Craig isn’t exactly new to Newark having spent some time at the Newark Hilton which is right out of our living room window.

Dominica’s family got down to Newark much earlier than we had anticipated so she had to leave dinner early and grab the shuttle back to 1180 to meet them. Craig, Rich and I walked back later. We went back to the apartment and introduced everyone. The Tocco clan was pretty much just going to bed so the guys and I walked over to the Key Club just in front of the apartment on Park Place and hung out there till they closed the place down.

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