June 21, 2007: Sun and Rain

It is another day for me in Manhattan for my Solaris 10 class. My left foot hurt a lot this morning from having worked it to hard last night in the gym so I decided that I should not push it again this morning and took the morning off from exercising. My feet are getting a pretty good workout this week.

I got out of class at four thirty and headed on home. When I left the class up on the West Side Highway in Manhattan it was bright and warm. The sun was out and as clear as could be although it was somewhat windy. Minutes after I got home the sky got surprisingly dark and before Dominica got home we were in a torrential downpour. It was really strange weather indeed.

We went over to Food for Life to grab some dinner. Then we came home and did some cleaning. Dominica did most of the cleaning and I got back to work installing the HP DL360 G2 server that I had started working on last night. I am trying to get this machine ready to ship to Scranton before the weekend hits as I will not likely have a single moment to work on it all weekend.

Dominica played some DDR SuperNova on the PlayStation 2 this evening for her workout. I had a lot of work to do so I did not have the luxury of playing along with her even though we have two dance pads now so that we can do that from time to time.

The Tocco clan is expected to arrive in Newark tomorrow night between ten and eleven o’clock at night. Saturday we will be going to Manhattan to do the usual stuff. We will definitely be hitting the American Girls Store, of course. And, I believe, we will be going to the American Museum of Natural History because the girls have recently seen Night at the Museum although I think that this is more likely to make them unhappy with the experience rather than excited about it because it will be nothing like they are expected.

My left foot still really hurt this evening so I was not able to go to the gym like I had hoped. So much for a super productive weight loss week. 🙁 At least I managed to lose some instead of gain so far.

Weight Lost So Far: 23lbs.

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