June 24, 2007: PSP and Pirates!

Dominica and I were up nice and early this morning. Oreo had gotten up before we did and we were concerned that he might need to make an emergency trip outside so we both got dressed and took him out. Then Dominica walked him back to 1180 and I walked over to Dunkin Donuts – just like Art and Danielle did exactly one week ago – to get donuts and bagels for everyone for breakfast.

The Toccos were on the road around ten thirty to head back to Frankfort. Dominica and I decided that we were going to go out and do a little video game shopping this afternoon. It took about an hour before we were actually able to get out of the apartment. We drove up to Clifton and went to Game Stop. Min got herself Guitar Hero II for the Playstation 2 which she has been wanting for a while and she got the Game Stop brand wireless Guitar Hero Flying V guitar controller. I got the Playstation Portable (PSP) along with Sid Meier’s Pirates! for me and Diner Dash for Dominica. We also got Kingdom of Paradise because it was used and really cheap. I have never even played a PSP before so we will have to see how we like it.

We grabbed and quick and cheap lunch at Wendy’s right there in Clifton and then it was time to head back home. While we were at Wendy’s we learned that Wendy’s will start serving breakfast soon. It sounded good.

We got home and immediately Dominica was playing Guitar Hero II. She is in a rush to catch up with her siblings who have been playing the game for a while now.

Yesterday I took my Nikon D50 camera with me into the city and got lots of pictures although mostly I didn’t manage to get many until we were back here in Newark. But today I got them uploaded to Flickr.

I did some work on the DL360 G2 that I hope to deliver to Scranton this coming weekend and I played quite a bit of Sid Meier’s Pirates! on the PSP. I am really glad that I decided to pick up that game. It is not the type of thing that I normally pull off of the shelf to buy but I saw some good reviews and decided that it was worth the risk. But Pirates! is totally one of those games that I really enjoy – it is just like Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons that I loved on the SNES. Apparently Sid Meier made Pirates! back in the 1980s and the game that I have is a remake of that one.

I have to work very early tomorrow morning so we are not staying up late tonight. We ordered in a Sicilian pizza from Nino’s in Harrison and ate that while watching an episode of <em>Are You Being Served?</em> and then it was time for bed.

Dominica managed to get a lot of homework done today and she is caught up at this point. She also got a lot of laundry done as well. We opened up the apartment today as it wasn’t to warm to give it a chance to air out as once summer really gets into swing we will be on air conditioning pretty much solid until September.

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