June 25, 2007: An Early Day

We tried going to bed around eleven last night but we weren’t tired so I played Pirates! for about an hour on the PSP before attempting to fall asleep. I made it up to the level of Colonel for both England and France before I was done. Not bad for my first day playing the game.

I was barely able to get any sleep last night. I was rather restless and Oreo was incredibly restless. He got up several times and paced around the room. He probably had a tummy ache. Eventually he fell asleep on my chest which pretty much kept me from having any shot at really falling asleep. (I found a Boston Terrier named Oreo who lives in Singapore but looks just like our Oreo.)

Oreo then got me up (and Min too) at four in the morning because he had an emergency and needed to be taken outside ASAP. So, since I was up dealing with him, I decided that I would just get up and get ready for work. There wasn’t really enough time for me to fall back asleep anyway even if I could.

I am working the early shift today to cover for someone who called me on Friday to ask if I could help out this morning. So I got into the office at half past six and ended up working pretty hard all morning. Normally Monday mornings are slow and quiet but not today. This may prove to be a long week.

Today I discovered Office Space Recut on YouTube. There is a new edition of Mary Poppins as well. How about The Sound of Music? Or even When Harry Met Sally.

I have decided that SGL has far to few links to interesting content so I have starting linking things more to liven things up a bit. I went back over several days and added quite a few this morning.

I have been away from my regular RSS feeds so today I am trying to catch up. Scott Adams had a great blog post on The Fear of Fish. Even if you don’t read Scott’s blog you need to check the original article Florida’s Flying Fish Can Knock You Out.

I put in a good long day and left the office at three thirty. The best part about working extremely early is getting to miss all of the rush hour traffic. That makes the whole day so much shorter.

I got home and ended up having to work from home until six thirty.  So I ended up having a twelve hour day.  I was still working when Dominica got home from work with Oreo.

I spent about half of the evening working on a Windows 2003 R2 Server that I want to take to Scranton this weekend.  I did the HP utilities installation tonight which took a while.  I really like a lot of the utilities that HP is beginning to include with their servers.  Web based interfaces to the hardware support APIs are really cool.

The other half of my night was spent playing Sid Meier’s Pirates! on the PSP.  The one thing that is really crappy about the PSP is that it has a stuck pixel and it had it right out of the box.  But other than that I am really happy with it so far.  It doesn’t load games nearly as quickly as the Nintendo DS and that gets to be pretty annoying in the middle of game play but the “saves” to the memory stick are lightning fast.  I managed to run the battery down today and discovered that after the unit dies and you charge it again that it will return right to the moment that you left off!  That is a really awesome feature.

I ended up having to go outside and deal with an issue that ate up a lot of my evening.  We have a local guy who comes to the building quite often looking for me and it is beginning to cause a problem because he refuses to leave the lobby and just hangs out even when I am not in the building.  So I had to go deal with it tonight.

Tomorrow I am back on the normal schedule.  Today was just a fluke for timing.

My weight loss is very “high” today because of water retention from the weekend.  I expect to be back on to normal numbers by tomorrow.

Weight Loss So Far: 17.5lbs

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