June 28, 2007: I Have a Cold

Today was my work from home day and boy did I need it. It has been a long week. Oreo was really ready for me to stay home. He was so tired that last night he decided to just come home and go to bed – he didn’t even bother to eat his supper! That isn’t like him at all. But this morning when he got up he was definitely ready for his breakfast. He was a very hungry boy.

My day today was pretty busy and I didn’t manage to get any of the “relaxing at home” that often comes with the work from home days. Actually I had to use the opportunity to get more work done than usual because of the fewer distractions.

I went over with Abdul to Food for Life for lunch. It was really hot and muggy today. The air was thick and the breeze was not cooling at all. It was quite unpleasant being outside.

This afternoon I finally managed to get my SUN SunBlade 100 workstation hooked up for the first time since having moved to Newark. I have been meaning to get this hooked up for a while but there just hasn’t been any space to put it because it cannot share a keyboard with my main Linux workstation. So just the keyboard issue is a major space concern. Right now the SunBlade and the HP dx5150 are sharing a monitor but pretty soon I hope to move the SunBlade into the corner spot and get it a dedicated seventeen or nineteen inch monitor of its own.

Dominica went grocery shopping on her way home from work tonight. We are pretty much out of everything and Oreo and I are going to be home alone all weekend so we will be fending for ourselves (read: breakfast at Food for Life on Saturday for sure!)

I have a really bad cold – Acute viral nasopharyngitis – forming today. Dominica has had it for a day or too. I feel like crap.

It was another stormy night tonight with heavy rain, lightning and wind. We decided that it would be the perfect time to order in some Chinese take-away and just sit in watching <em>Are You Being Served?</em>. We tried ordering from a new place tonight and the food was awesome although they forgot our springrolls. We had more than enough food though. I got General Tso‘s bean curd. That was excellent. One of the best Chinese meals that I have had in a very long time.

I went to bed early in the hopes of fighting off this cold before it gets too bad. Dominica was going to go to Frankfort tomorrow but I found out that she has a milestone due for her college class by Sunday night and that means that there is no way for her to spend any time with her family this weekend and all that she will be able to do is drive for nine hours and be exhausted and spend all day Saturday working on homework. She will be very unhappy. She agreed and decided that there is no reasonable way for her to go back home this weekend. So we will both be in Newark all weekend although I am planning on making a run to Scranton at some point to deliver the DL360 G2 to the data center there.

Weight Lost So Far: 24lbs

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