June 29, 2007: Still Snifling

The Seattle Times reports on students in Essex County, NJ (that would be Newark) being unable to comprehend when to write like normal people and when to use instant messaging abbreviations. But then again what do you expect in a city with giant billboards announcing that most students never manage to earn a diploma who go through the Newark school system?

I woke up feeling like crap today. My cold is much worse today than it was yesterday. Now it is in full swing. I am really glad that I went to bed on the early side yesterday. I really needed it.

I discovered today that I can get Microsoft Office 2007 for use at home for free! It is part of Microsoft’s new licensing plan where employees of companies using specific volume licenses can use Office 2007 at home too. I do have to pay a very small amount for the shipping of the product but considering the cost of something like this that is very nominal. And no, this is not one of those pirated MS Office copies that people are always selling. This is ordered, completely legitimately, through Microsoft’s own website. I was aware of this licensing deal before but did not think about the fact that it probably applied to me where I work. It isn’t a cheap version of MS Office either, it is Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 which is the good one. In addition to MS Office I can get Visio and Project which is pretty cool too. Visio especially.

The music industry is threatening to organize and punish Prince for giving away his music. Doesn’t this count as extortion? Or are large industry conglomerates allowed to actively organize and “blackball” content owners who act totally legally? If anyone has ever wondered if the RIAA represents a monopoly, this is extremely telling. It is time to move the lawsuits from extortion to anti-trust, in my opinion.

Today was very busy and I worked pretty solidly until six thirty or so.  I headed for home.  Min and I were both pretty seriously under the weather so we decided that the night needed to consist of little beyond pizza and <em>Are You Being Served?</em>.  We ordered from Papa John’s and while we waited for that to arrive I played about forty minutes of Dragon Quest VIII which was just enough time for me to solve one small puzzle and get to a save point.  Maybe I will get to play a little more this weekend.  That is one of my goals.

We decided to go to bed quite early.  Oreo was so tired that he didn’t even ask for his dinner – even after a busy day at Doggie Paradise where he had to keep four boxers under control!  All he wanted to do tonight was snuggle.  As soon as we had gotten onto the loveseat Oreo looked at us being very sad.  We invited him up and he spent the rest of the evening squooshed between us but very contented.

We went to bed but just before we actually made it I got paged out and had to work for almost an hour before actually getting to go to bed.

Weight Lost So Far: 24lbs

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