June 3, 2007: Homework Day

For some reason both Dominica and I were really exhausted and slept in late this morning. Oreo had a rough night. We think that he had a tummy-ache from having eaten too much right before going to bed and he slept mostly on the floor or at our feet most of the night. That kept waking me up.

We got up and worked on Dominica’s homework for a while and then went down to the gym. I only did forty-five minutes this morning but at least I am back into the swing. But then I got a blister on my little toe so that is going to be a problem.

Today was another very productive day here in Newark. I had a laundry list of tasks for this weekend and I managed to get through almost all of them by this afternoon. Including getting our final office desk ordered for our apartment here in Newark. We continue to be really happy with OfficeMAX selection, prices and customer service. They are definitely the best of the office supply companies.

I did a ton of web site maintenance this evening while Dominica worked on her homework.  It was extremely productive.  I am very excited to see how Google Analytics is going to work out.  It looks like a really amazing service.

I decided to skip the gym this evening as I have a blister on my pinky toe that really hurts and will just get worse if I work out tonight.  We ended up staying up until after midnight anyway.  What a long day it was.

Big rain storm tonight.  Unbelievable wind and rain.

Weight Lost So Far: 14.5lbs (Over One Stone!)

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