June 2, 2007: Graduation

In order to truly think outside the box one must cease to think about the box.

I ended up staying up until two in the morning last night working on some IPSec VPN links that were down and doing some basic desktop maintenance. Nothing exciting but I didn’t get to bed at a very reasonable time. Although when I did go to bed I couldn’t fall asleep for a while as I wasn’t very tired yet. I guess that is what happens when you sleep all day.

I slept in until ten this morning which didn’t quite give me eight hours of sleep so I can only feel so bad about it. Today is Dominica’s big homework day so I am planning on keepin myself entertained doing miscellaneous work at my desk. It is so much more pleasent to work at my commercial quality Bush desk (made in Jamestown, New York for quality.) Bush furniture is not quite as sturdy as the stuff that we have at my daytime office but it is more comfortable, has a much better work surface (the specled kind that works so well with an optical mouse) and can stand alone on the floor instead of having to be built into a cubical system. Bush is the best home office furniture that I have ever found.

Our living room is now completely full to the point that it is difficult to walk around. Adding two very large desks to the room displaced everything that we had in here previously and now there is no space at all. We can’t wait until we are able to take a carload or two of stuff out of here. Over the next several weeks we will be moving a ton of stuff out. But until then the space is impossible to work in. We are very hopeful that at least one desk will be leaving here today. Just moving the one out will make a huge impact. Right now we can’t get to the lamp or the HVAC unit at all and Oreo can barely get to the futon where he is attempting to spend the morning laying in the sun and hanging out with us as we work at our desks. It is nice that the futon is now positioned to make it a perfect spot for Oreo when we are working. He is right next to us, in the sun, in the “office area” instead of having to be over in the “living room area” where he couldn’t really be with us. We are very happy with the new room layout.

Today is both my cousin Monica’s eighteenth birthday as well as my official college graduation ceremony for Empire State College at Riverside Convention Center in Rochester, New York. Obviously I am not going to graduation – I skipped my graduation ceremony for my associates degree from Monroe Community College as well. I would have skipped my high school graduation had my parents let me. But still, it is strange to think of there being a graduation ceremony for me graduating from college after all these years.

Dominica spent the day working on her homework and doing laundry. I had a number of projects to work on and kept myself quite busy. One of my projects for the day update SGL to WordPress 2.2. I also added WordPress Statistics to the site so that I can find out more about who is coming to the site. I also started using Google Analytics for one of my other sites so that I can learn about that service.

At six Dominica and I went to dinner over at Food for Life. I finally convinced Dominica to decide on what she wanted ahead of time and to call over so that we could eat quickly. It took less than half an hour to go over, sit, eat, pay and return to 1180. That is like record time for the two of us. I get food and get back in fifteen to twenty minutes all the time on my own.

At seven thirty we went down to the lounge for a birthday party that was scheduled for seven but we were the first people there (at all except for the caterer) so we came back up and hung out with Oreo a little longer before going back down at eight. It was a really nice party and we got to meet a lot of people that we didn’t know. We stayed until around eleven which was as late as we felt we could leave Oreo by himself in the apartment. We were there just late enough to get birthday cake before leaving.

It was straight to bed for us when we arrived back home.

Weight Lost So Far: 14.5lbs

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