June 5, 2007: Rockstar Guava Rules on SGL

So British citizens and expatriates everywhere are horrible embarrassed now that the new logo for the 2012 London Olympics has been seen on the events official website. Wow is that bad. How can the UK allow that to happen?

There was a good article in the Canadian National Post today on “The Six Days That Changed the Arab World Forever” discussing the history and ramifications of 1967’s Six Day War. Well written and a good introduction to the pivotal war for those not well versed in Palestinian history. The Six Day War is one of the most important military conflicts of the age and completely defines the modern Middle East.

The UK Guardian had a good article covering the basic history of the ETA – the Basque separatist army which has just ended its fourteen month ceasefire with Spain. I find the ongoing ETA vs. Spain skirmish to be extra interesting since I read the lengthy “The Basque History of the World” in 2005.

I went to the gym late last night, around half past ten but only did about half an hour because it was so late. I didn’t want to skip my workout completely though. Dominica did not go down. I was really tired this morning and didn’t get out of bed until around half past six which probably had more to do with Oreo being snuggly than actually being sleepy.

I wasn’t able to leave for work nearly as early as I had hoped today as I got contacted at half past seven that work needed to be done at eight so I had to log in from home and work from home for an hour before going into the office. That is never a good sign. Work ended up being extremely busy again and I barely got a moment to myself all morning.

This weekend Dominica and I are traveling up to Frankfort to visit for the weekend. We have a baptism to attend and Francesca and the girls arrived a few days ago. Next weekend, we believe, the Ralstons are coming down here to visit. And I just found out that Craig might be coming down the weekend after that. We were supposed to go back home next weekend and then the weekend after that so we might have to adjust our schedule yet again. And I am sure that Dominica will want to get back to Frankfort again soon to visit with Francesca. Maybe she can go there by train on the same weekend that I go back to Pavilion. Scheduling stuff is so much fun.

We had a little outage this afternoon from about three thirty until four thirty. No idea what happened. But everything was down and then everything came back on its own. I am pretty sure that the datacenter has these little outages and then lies about them acting like nothing happened. It happens fairly often.

I have had a chance to look at the reports coming from my WordPress stats page and one of the most interesting things is how people are getting directed to the site and what pages are being read.  The searches that bring people here are generally quite strange.  People must be pretty surprised when they get here.  So far the biggest thing sending people to SGL is a softdrink review search engine sending people here for my reviews of Rockstar Guava!  Of all things.

On her way home Dominica stopped off and did some grocery shopping.  She found some Crystal Light sugar free electrolyte replacement drink mix that I can use in my drinking water at work to make sure that I am not depleting my electrolytes with all of the water that I am drinking.  I have been beginning to get light headed just a little and I am pretty sure that I am running out of non-sodium salts.  I drink tons of water and sweat hard for about two hours each day which moves salt through the body quite rapidly.

I finished reading “Questioning Extreme Programming” this afternoon. I have been working on that book for a little while now. I have been anxious to get through it. It wasn’t long but for some reason I wasn’t progressing very quickly.

Dominica spent the evening working on her homework for Systems Analysis and Design after cooking dinner (veggie pizza burgers with cheese.)  She managed to finally wrap up her homework from last week and get it submitted.  She is now caught up.  It took her all night though and she did not end up with enough time to be able to go to the gym.

I spent the evening working on some Zimbra administration and doing some Ruby programming.  I finally made a breakthrough in the little program that I have been working on.  I am really enjoying working in Ruby.  It is fun and fast and easy to express yourself in.  Perfect for casual programmers like me.

Unlike Dominica I did get a chance to go down to the health club this evening and put in a pretty serious workout.  I actually did a pretty hard workout for seventy minutes!  It was half past eleven by the time that I returned to the apartment.  The workout felt great.  I am continuing to lose weight and it is starting to show.  I am able to feel the weight loss at this point and can tell that my clothes are fitting differently.  I am dramatically in the lead at the office.  There appears to only be one person giving me any competition at all and I think that I have about a fifty percent lead on him in percentage of body weight lost so far so that gives me a lot of cushion (no pun intended.)  A number of people claim that they haven’t started left and that there is plenty of time yet to catch up although we are about twenty-two days through ninety-one which is a pretty major percentage.  We are roughly one quarter of the way through and at least two people have managed to gain weight in the competition and one person has given up!  If you subtract the one that gave up the first day that leaves only five people in the running.

Weight Lost So Far: 16lbs

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