June 6, 2007: Nice Slow Day

In blogging news, blog software company SixApart has promised to move its premier product – Movable Type – into open source by the end of the third quarter this year placing it squarely up against open source blog software leader WordPress (which you are seeing at work right now.) I plan to stick with WP, though. I love the platform.

The RIAA, the recording industry litigation arm that likes to sue old ladies and children and drop the lawsuits and walk away once they know that they have lost leaving the “victorious” defendants destitute from heavy legal fees, has been sued today in Tampa, Florida for extortion, conspiracy, trespass, computer fraud and deceptive trade practices!

The Ballmer party in Redmond has egg on their faces again as they award a Most Valuable Professional award to a man and then proceed to harass him via their lawyers for making the software that they were so happy that he made! The issue is so intense that Microsoft is completely unwilling to even tell their MVP what he has done wrong. Apparently Microsoft is claiming that using APIs published on their own website is illegal. Maybe using Microsoft software is just illegal in general. Who knows. Maybe Steve Ballmer knows.

What is the most troubling is that given the horrible behavious, vicious lies and bullying attitude of Ballmer that presidential hopeful McCain wants him placed in the cabinet! This one horrendous point alone is enough for me to vote Democrat (a first for me indeed) should McCain (whom I previously supported) become the Republican candidate for president. Ballmer is known far and wide as being the most intensely evil, out of touch and totally into his own self interest person in the entire IT field (now that management “hacker” Patricia Dunn is done.)

I slept in a little more than usual this morning. After working out so much last night I was pretty tired and wanted a chance for my muscles to heal. So I took the morning off from working out but will definitely go tonight. Also tonight Dominica and I have a small party in the 1180 Resident’s Lounge to celebrate the new wireless Internet access that we have in the building. It has actually been on for a few days but today is the official launch. It would appear, however, that it does not support SIP so its usefulness is severely diminished unless there is some trick that I haven’t figured out. My Linksys/Cisco iPhone connected instantly to the network and was able to ping the SIP server (TrixBox) but was unable to connect to it over SIP so I am pretty sure that SIP is blocked. That “event” is from six to eight tonight. So we will just be able to make it for the end since we have a really hard time getting home before seven.

I had to work from home this morning for about an hour and didn’t get a chance to head to the office until nine. But once I got to the office things were much slower than they have been the last few days and I finally got a chance to do a little catching up. Today is one of those days when I wish that I had a lot more tech news to read to keep myself busy. I would do some extra work but I broke my SSL proxy yesterday and didn’t realize it until this morning and it is too late to fix now until tonight 🙁

Popular search engine terms sending people to SGL include Rockstar Guava, Llama Pirates, Zimbra and Llamas Doing Crazy Things. I guess, in some small way, Sheep Guarding Llama is an authority on all of those things. Certainly Llama Pirates if nothing else. Ay. Shiver me quinoa fields.

By tomorrow I will have tons of people coming here looking for the Apple iPhone only to find that I own the Cisco iPhone. Boy will they be disappointed. I am not, though. I think that the Cisco iPhone is probably more useful that Apple’s version although Apple’s version looks pretty cool.

Today I ordered my Nature’s Best IsoPure Zero Carb protein drink powders. My SlimFast that I have had around since before I started on my recent diet are just about to run out and I need to get something else right away. I am actually out of SlimFast at the apartment and have about half a block of them in my desk drawer at the office. I am hopefully that moving from SlimFast which contains carbs and even sugars to the IsoPure will prove an additional boost in my weight loss as I shift again to an even leaner carb intake and higher protein levels.

I left work just before six – it was another full day for me.  What a long week it has been.  Tomorrow is doggie-daddy day though.  Oreo and I are really looking forward to that.

I got home just seconds after Dominica and we went pretty much straight to the Spot On Wireless Wind and Cheese party in the resident lounge to “celebrate” 1180 Raymond’s new free wireless Internet access.  It isn’t for the whole building – just for the common areas.  You still have to buy normal Internet for your apartment.  But this means that we can easily use laptops, PDAs and more in the lounge, billiards room, conference area, health club, bowling alley, basketball area, video game and television lounge and lobby.  Very useful for the people who use those areas very much and a lot of people do.  It isn’t a groundbreaking amenity but I think that I will use it quite a bit.  I am very glad that they added it.  I took my HP iPaq handheld WiFi PDA with me and was able to sign right on to the service.  Considering how much time I spend in the gym this will prove, I believe, to be very handy.

We hung out at the party until they wrapped up at eight o’clock.  I expected more people to show up but it wasn’t a bad turn out.  The cheese was very good.  There was some left over and we got to take the leftovers home with us.

After the party it was a short evening.  We watched a little <em>Father Ted</em> and I did some work.  Dominica took the night off as it was short and she is finally caught up with her homework although this weekend is going to be really tough for her to do any since we will be in Frankfort the whole time.

At eleven I went down to the gym for my evening workout.

Weight Lost So Far: 18lbs.

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