July 2, 2007: Bronchitis

I just had to set Oreo Yawning as my new desktop wallpaper at work. I wish that the focus has been better on this one but you still can’t deny that he is just so cute!!

I slept in until almost eight this morning but I feel much better and I think that my cold has mostly subsided at this point. It is still lingering some to be sure but I am on top of it now and I doubt that I will have any more virus in me by tomorrow. I tend to get over things like this pretty quickly in general. And I drink lots of fluids naturally so that makes it that much easier to stay healthy.

I was still hacking, coughing, wheezing and sneezing all day but I do think that I am improving slightly. I definitely feel better today even if I sound worse. I am worried that this might be acute bronchitis. Dominica thinks that she has bronchitis (again – second time since moving to smogland) so there is a definite likelihood that I do since my chest congestion is a bit worse than hers.

Scott Adams in The Dilbert Blog had a really great post today about Empathizing with Horror Movies that is exactly how I have always seen horror movie fans. I don’t know which is scarier – people who are watching horror movies thinking how cool it would be to (a. die horribly or b. kill people in such a manner) or how much I think like Scott Adams. Creepy.

Of notable interest today, the alien theories at Roswell got some backing as Army Lt. Haut’s deathbed affidavit has been opened to reveal that he asserts to having seen not only the alien “spacecraft” but the aliens themselves in New Mexico. Haut was the military relations officer responsible for first telling the public about the incident and then, shortly thereafter, changing the official story and claiming that it was a weather balloon experiment. The official story has changed very little until now, for the first time, there is official certification that the weather balloon release was a lie right from the mouth of the person who spun the tale.

For all of you sub-rock dwellers, the Apple iPhone (not to be confused with the true iPhone) released this weekend. I got to see one that my neighbour got first thing this morning. It is nice looking I guess. But the reports of more than one third of the iPhones being nothing but worthless chunks of plastic is not encouraging.

I got home and spent the evening playing Dragon Quest VIII. I finally got past Empyrea and am back into actually playing the game again. Dominica was supposed to be doing more homework tonight but pretty much just spent her time watching more <em>Veronica Mars</em>.

We tried to go to bed on the early side but Abdul came by to see me pretty late and we didn’t actually get to bed until almost eleven. Because of the holiday in the middle of the week tomorrow is going to be a lot like a Friday. Both Min and I have Wednesday off although she will be spending the day doing homework. And I work from home on Thursday – which I expect to be an extremely slow day with almost nothing going on at all since everyone will be taking the end of the week off as vacation. And although I go to work on Friday – how busy can it really end up being? And then it is the weekend again! Almost like work doesn’t exist this week at all.

I managed to win two Playstation 2 games on eBay today: Dark Cloud 2 (aka Dark Chronicle) and Rogue Galaxy. These games were at the top of my list of titles to get for the PS2. Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud 2 are made by the same team, Level 5, that made DQ8 which is what made me choose them.

Weight Lost So Far: 26lbs

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