July 1, 2007: Recovery Day

Well we are into the second half of the year. That is hard to believe but we can say that every year and it starts to get old so I will let it go 😉

Today was Dominica and my recovery day mostly. We both still have really bad colds and we need another day to rest and fight off the virus. Dominica still had a ton of homework to do and spent most of the day working on that. I took the day as a chance to really relax and spent quite a bit of time playing Dragon Quest VIII. Throughout the day I got about three or four hours in on the game. But I didn’t make much progress in the game.

I am stuck in the “World of Darkness” in DQ8 and have to fight the bird Empyrea but I have tried at least three times and the bird can kick the crap out of me so I am stuck attempting to make my characters stronger in an extremely boring part of the game so that I am able to advance from this section. So far each of my characters has leveled twice and I am barely any closer to being able to defeat this stupid bird. I have read about how other people have managed to do this same thing in online walkthroughs but the techniques that they mention don’t seem to work when I tried them. This bit of the game is proving to be quite challenging.

Dominica starting watching the show <em>Veronica Mars</em> today. We have had it on DVD for a while but have not gotten around to watching it yet. She really likes the show and I can see why but I don’t really like it all that much because it is a really depressing show and I don’t appreciate “entertainment” that doesn’t make me feel good. There is more than enough real stuff in this life to be upset about there is little reason to intentionally subject yourself to something fictional and depressing just for the fun of it.

We ordered in from Papa John’s again and went to bed early.

Weight Lost So Far: 25.5 lbs

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