July 6, 2007: Dragon Quest VIII Completed… We Thought

Today is my one day of work in what would otherwise be a five day vacation, more or less. Today is hardly a work day, though. There is almost nothing to do. I slept in until seven and started checking my Blackberry. There was a tiny bit of work right at eight in the morning so I did that before getting ready and leaving the apartment to go to work. The water is back on this morning and everything appears to be working as far as I can tell.

My plan for the day is to get out of work as early as I can – which is never very early on Fridays – and to get home and complete Dragon Quest VIII. I have put in one hundred and three hours so far and the end is in sight. I believe that I can complete it tonight.

I did manage to get out of work early today.  Practically nothing happened at work all day and at five o’clock I was out of there!  I got home and the evening was spent, as planned, on DQ8.  I played all night with Dominica watching me occasionally and  occasionally she did some work on her System Analysis and Design class which is done at midnight tonight.  Officially she didn’t have any more work to do but she wanted to be thorough and since the work being done tonight is really light she was able to do it very casually while doing other things.

It took all evening but around ten o’clock I finally reached the end of the game – or so I thought.  Dominica came over to join me and we watched the almost hour long “movie” that plays at the end of the game.  The ending did not contain a lot of stuff that we were expecting though.  There were a lot of loose ends left in the game that we felt were not wrapped up at all.  But just as the very last bit of the game was wrapping up after the credits ran there was a hint that there was more yet.  So it looks like I am not really done yet.  There is some work to be done tomorrow apparently.  So far I have put about one hundred and five hours into the game!

Weight Lost So Far: 27.5 lbs

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