August 15, 2007: Returning to Normal Life

I got paged at four in the morning.  Nothing major (barely anything even minor) but it got me up for an hour after having gone to bed just after three.  So when I got out of bed at nine in the morning it was not exactly qualifying as an extremely restful night.

This morning was very quiet and I just hung out in the room at the hotel and worked from my laptop for several hours.  I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t even leave for food.

We went out of lunch around two and were on our way to the Mississauga airport (Pearson, I believe it is called) a little after three.  It ended up being just barely not enough time for all of us to have managed to have made our flight except that since we were flying into Newark the flight was delayed so in reality there was more than enough time and we were stuck waiting for about an hour before boarding.

The flight was bumpy but fine.  We got into Newark not too late – just after eight in the evening.  I hopped the AirTrain to NJ Transit and took the NE Corridor line into Newark’s Penn Station.  That trip was way too expensive and I will figure something else out for next time, I think.

It was around nine when I got back home to 1180.  Oreo was very excited to see me.  I was pretty tired but couldn’t get to sleep until after eleven.  I am planning on working from home tomorrow so that I have a chance to get caught up on some sleep.

Dominica played the Wii a little after I got home so that I could see it.  So far it looks pretty unimpressive to me.  Nothing that I have seen on it seems interesting.

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