August 16, 2007: Exhausted

Oreo and I slept in until after seven thirty this morning. Oreo has really missed me over this past week and was very snuggly all night. This morning he was sleeping beside me with his head on my stomach. He did decide to get up and leave, though, once Dominica made him his breakfast.

I got situated at the computer and sat down to work just before eight. That is when I realized that my access card for the office stopped working and that there was nothing that I could do remotely. It took a little while before I found out if anyone was familiar with the issue but no one was so I started getting ready to head in to the office so that I could pursue getting my access fixed.

If Dominica doesn’t manage to get Oreo to daycare it really impact my day. His daycare is in the opposite direction of the way that I have to go so I had to drive way up to Wallington to drop him off before being able to head for the office which meant that I drove right back past the apartment. The car was also low on gas so I had to fill up before coming in to. So much time was wasted doing all this that I decided I should kill off lunch as well so I swung into McDonald’s on the McCarter Highway and ate lunch in the car on the drive into the office.

It was around eleven when I actually got to the office. I was feeling pretty tired today but perked up a bit after getting some much needed caffeine into my system.

I went home at five thirty and actually had a pretty busy evening.  One of my machines has a bad network interface card and I had to deal with that as it has been causing me all kinds of headaches recently.

Dominica put on the first season of The Fall Guy and we watched a few episodes of that while I worked.  Dominica also played just a little bit of Zelda on the Wii so that we could see it.  It looked okay but nothing special – for a PlayStation 2 from several years ago.  For a modern console the thing is downright embarassing.  I can’t believe Nintendo let that thing get out the door.  I did some research on the Wii online tonight and so far we own every single game that I could even imagine being any fun on the Wii plus one that Dominica likes that I can’t imagine ever wanting to play – Trauma Center Second Opinion.

The one thing that was really impressive about the Wii is that all I had to do was tell it to turn on its wireless, select the access point that I wanted to use and put in the passphrase for it and instantly we were online and a few minutes later we were updated to the latest firmware.  Surfing the web is very easy but the resolution of the Wii is so low that it isn’t nearly as useful as it should be.  We also discovered that the Wii needs another cable to make it even approach looking any good so we have to go buy that now too – and of course it is a special Wii cable and nothing normal.  Dominica did set up some channels like the weather and news and that was kind of interesting.  But overall I think that the Wii is completely unimpressive.  But I haven’t had a chance to actually play it yet either.

We ordered in dinner from Nino’s and made the mistake of getting the white pizza because it was AWESOME and we both ate way too much of it.  That pizza is really amazing and we will be getting it quite often now, I am sure.

I was able to finally get to bed around eleven.

Weight Lost So Far: 32 lbs

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