August 22, 2007: Tired of Newark

I decided to work from home this morning so that I could deal with the traffic ticket that Newark is giving me a hard time about.

I FINALLY had the court pick up the phone today. They said that even though the notice that I was sent said that I missed the original court date that that was incorrect and that there was no original court date and that yesterday was the first one. I asked why the letter said that I had missed the first one but they wouldn’t tell me. I asked why the ticket had a date written on it if it wasn’t my court date and the Essex County Court informed me that it is the policy of the Essex County Sheriff’s Office to give out “Notice to Appear” notifications with a stated court date but that it is something made up by the sheriff’s office and is for their record only and is not for me! (Read: The courts and the cops have a deal worked out that makes everyone in the city a criminal no matter what they do.)

This is extortion. This defines extortion. I was issued a ticket be a renegade cop and have to go to court but there is no way to communicate with the courts or the cops to find out what the “truth” is until after you have missed the court dates. The police told me to go to court on August 8th but I didn’t because the court’s website told me not to go until August 28th. And in between, without any notification to me, the court date was moved to August 21st and I was not notified of such until after the fact. Very convenient indeed. Seeing as mail takes weeks to move around the city of Newark it would appear that the county has worked up quite the situation for itself.

The bottom line is that Newark and Essex County are built on corruption, mismanagement and crime. This city has no interest in law abiding citizens and business people living here. They will do whatever it takes to push us out. This city is built on crime and drugs and welfare and they don’t want anyone here that will interrupt that.

It took me so long before I was able to leave home this morning that I just ran over to Food for Life and grabbed breakfast there while waiting for the valet to bring my car around. Once I got in my car it was time to fight traffic to get onto the street so that I could drive. No sooner than I had put on the blinker and was ready to pull out than someone pulled into the “no parking zone” directly in front of me and backed up so close that they almost hit me and got out of their car. They had a whole car length in front of them but decided to completely block me in anyway. Just one more reason why I hate Newark. Not what I needed today.

Dominica spent a bit of time today looking up apartment options for us to go look at. We have both had it with Newark and don’t feel that this city or Essex County are friendly enough to professional residents to warrant spending our money here. It’s just the whole attitude of the place. I’m tired of a city that doesn’t want to improve but likes being like it is. That’s the upsetting part. It isn’t that Newark is disadvantaged and doing poorly – Newark has striven to reach this level of depravity and likes it. Fine, not my problem.

I am working from home tomorrow which is good because I am still tired and need some doggie – daddy time. And I need to do some cleaning in the apartment.

Friday I am working the very early shift at six thirty and then at lunch I have to run the Mazda down to the shop to get it looked at. I have been putting that off because I have been so busy but it can’t wait any longer. It has several minor issues – headlight out again, gas smell and a shimmy. Hopefully none of it is too major.

I informally registered for my fall class at RIT today. I am taking the graduate Java Programming course which I am hoping is challenging without being stressful. I am only taking the one class and I have done two courses in Java already so I think that it should be fine. This will be my first graduate level technical class so we will see how it compares to the last grad class that I took.

I found my keys today that went AWOL yesterday. For some reason I had locked them into my desk drawer at work. It was just one of those days I guess.

I ended up having to work a bit late tonight.  Busy day.  But I am home tomorrow so it isn’t a big deal.  I won’t likely be writing tonight and this post is long enough already so I am posting before I leave work.  Talk to everyone out there in the blogosphere tomorrow.

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