August 25, 2007: Cruisin’ on Cayuga

I had to get up at eight this morning to continue working from last night. Today is a jam packed crazy day. I was supposed to only have to work from eight until eleven this morning but work wasn’t done and I ended up having to work right up until the last possible second before Dominica and I had to hit the road up to Ithaca. It was almost one before we were able to get on the road! Talk about cutting it close.

While I was working this morning Dominica ran Oreo up to Doggie Paradise where he will be boarding this weekend.

Traffic was awful almost the entire way through New Jersey.  We lost an hour or more just going through Jersey.  Traffic wasn’t great through Pennsylvania either.

We arrived at the EconoLodge at a quarter until six – just enough time to quickly check in, change and head down to the dock for the MV Manhattan to catch the boat.

The boat departed the dock at seven and they pushed it a bit quickly heading north on Cayuga Lake as a major thunderstorm rolled in over the city of Ithaca.  It was an amazing view from the lake – we could see the storm front as it pushed in from Enfield.  The wall of rain slowly overtook the western hills and the city.  There was heavy lightning and we had a spectacular view.  We only got caught by a small amount of rain but we got to see quite a downpour hit the city.

We had a really good time on the cruise.  It was great to get to see people that we haven’t been able to see in at least a year and a half.  We have been so out of touch since moving to New Jersey.

It was almost eleven when we got back to the EconoLodge and we were right off to sleep.

Tomorrow dad is coming down to meet us for brunch.  We are considering going to Taverna Banfis at the Statler Hotel at Cornell but going to the Ramada across the street is so much easier that we might just do that.

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