August 28, 2007: Working on Wall Street

Today is my working on Wall Street day. I am excited as I have never actually worked on the street before. I have worked in downtown on the west side of Manhattan but never actually on Wall Street. I like variety. What can I say?

I walked down to Newark’s Penn Station and took the PATH over to the World Trade Center and walked down to Wall Street. It is an easy walk and fairly quick. It is so much easier going to work in Manhattan than it is in New Jersey. Just a short walk and a short light rail ride.

I love working from downtown Manhattan. The office has beautiful views of the southside seaport and when you want to run out and grab food there is a myriad of choices just seconds away from the office door. And no need for a car. Obvious as it may seem the lack of need for a car for even the most basic of ammenities is a very big deal.

I booked Dominica and my hotel rooms in Montreal for this weekend. I have tons of points saved up with Choice Hotels from my consulting position with Dell and Wegmans two years ago when I was traveling on a regular basis and from my first few weeks at my current position when I was living out of the hotel is South Bound Brook. So this weekend we are staying three nights, totally for free, at the Quality Inn in downtown Montreal on the Av du Parc.

Dominica did some shopping during her lunch break today and picked up “under the bed” plastic totes from Target that we are going to use to pack up as much as we can of our apartment so that we can store it underneath our new bed. The bed itself does quite a bit to make our apartment a lot more attractive and we are hopeful that we will be able to move a lot of stuff out of sight too. The apartment is so small that every little bit like that makes a huge difference for our quality of life.

After work today Dominica had a dentist appointment. This is her fourth one so far for the same tooth. There is a lot of work to be done.

SGL had a network outage this morning. Our Internet service provider was hit with a Distributed Denial of Service Attack that kept most people, but not everyone, from being able to get to us for almost two hours from around nine until eleven this morning. SGL itself did not go “down” but the network was unavailable so a large number of our readers saw us as being down.

Dominica is excited has her new, pink, Kodak V1003 digital camera shipped today. There is some chance, although very little, that it will arrive in time for her to be able to take it with us to Montreal.

Dominica didn’t get home until after eight but like a good husband I had managed to time everything almost perfectly for when she and Oreo would get home.  I had ordered in Chinese take away from Golden City and had it all ready just before she called.  I had the dishes done, coffee made and Oreo’s dinner all ready for when they walked in the door.

We ate dinner, watched some of the fourth season of The Cosby Show and it was off to bed.  My car is expected to be finished early in the morning tomorrow so I need to figure out how I am going to get myself to Warren in the morning.

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  1. Quite ironical as we have a big group of us going to Montreal this weekend as well. We’re staying in the Candlewood Suites Montreal Centre-Ville. We’re probably going to hit up Bily Kun one night and the casino another. What are you guys doing there?

  2. No plans at all. Taking Oreo and just relaxing in the whole Quebecois atmosphere. Hoping for lots of great outdoor coffee and pastry situations.

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