August 29, 2007: I have my car back

My car wasn’t done yet as of last night so this morning I have the challenge of getting out to Warren without a vehicle. This is going to be bad.

I started the day by walking out to Penn Station in Newark and taking the PATH train into the World Trade Center. Then I walked up Greenwich to the office there where I am able to catch the shuttle that will take me to the Warren campus. I hate doing this walk in the summer. I always end up getting way too hot. The walk takes a minimum of twenty minutes and might even take half an hour. Today it took longer as my normal path up West Ave. was closed off and I had to take the skyway and walk around a full block that I don’t normally need to do.

I got to the office on Greenwich just in time to see the shuttle down the street. 🙁 So I had to wait almost a full hour before there was another shuttle for me. At least it gave me a chance to sit in the little park that the office has there, enjoy a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese and an apple juice, catch up with emails on the Blackberry and do some reading in the “No Fluff, Just Stuff 2006 Anthology” that I had thought to bring along with me. (Sounds strange but it is a collection of essays on software development.) While I was waiting for the shuttle I got an email that the repairs on the car were finished and I can pick it up today. Pheww.

The shuttle came and thankfully was very well air conditioned. The ride takes about forty-five minutes from Manhattan out to Warren at this time of day. It was a quiet ride and I got to read more of my book.

It was a busy day at the office if only because it took me a while to get in so there was a backlog of things saved up for me and the office is pretty thin in general so we are all covering as much as we can. Not the best day to have no car to get in.

I didn’t get a chance to pick up the car until mid-afternoon. I had a lot of work done but mainly a new headlight, the tires rotated and balanced, the gas tank replaced and the fuel pump replaced. Almost $1,700 in total. Ouch. The car is just about to turn 101,000 miles and Min and I are planning on taking it to Montreal, QC this weekend.

I worked until six thirty or so and then was off for home.  Dominica came down and met me after I arrived and we walked over to Food for Life and stuffed ourselves.  It was especially delicious tonight.

It was late, after eight, by the time that we got home.  Boy the days do fly past.  I had a little bit of work that people had requested after having left the office so I logged in and took care of that while Dominica did a little laundry.  We did a small amount of organizing filling up the new “under the bed” plastic bins that Dominica picked up two days ago.  Then we hopped into bed and read for a while.  Dominica read her “Network+ Exam Cram” and I read my “Solaris 10 Internals” book.

Dominica wanted me to tell everyone about the most awesome place to shop for shoes: Zappos.  They have free overnight shipping which is a huge deal.  It is the ultimate way to shop for shoes.  And they have great prices too and a huge selection.  Check them out.  Well worth it.  You will never go to a shoe store again.

I had a good eBay day today.  I got a HP D530 SFF desktop and a SUN SunFire V100 650 2GB 1U rackmount server as well as a rackmount kit and an HP Vectra P4 1.7 for the school in Castile!

We were off to bed early.  We were both tired and didn’t feel like watching DVDs.

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