August 4, 2007: The Return of Dominica

Dominica and Oreo were on the road early this morning heading back to Newark.  Dominica is really exhausted because she didn’t really sleep at all last night because of a terrible tooth ache.

I got up at nine this morning and discovered that my Internet access had not managed to fix itself like I had hoped that it would.  Normally when it goes out it eventually self repairs (or the cable company silently realizes what they did wrong and fixes it without notification.)  But not so today.  This is going to make for a really long weekend.

I spent the day cleaning in the apartment to get ready for Dominica’s return.  This included normal cleaning, laundry, dishes, trash, cleaning the floors by hand, dusting, sorting, boxing, shelving, etc.  I also watched more of Full House which I have almost completed.

I had originally planned not to eat solid food today but broke down and decided to get a wrap at Food for Life in the middle of the afternoon.  Dominica isn’t going to be home until late dinner time.

I worked steadily throughout the day and Dominica and Oreo arrived around six thirty.  We ordered in some Chinese from Golden City and watched the remaining Full House Season Five (we have already watched six) episodes.  Dominica’s tooth is really bothering her this evening which is going to be a problem.

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