August 3, 2007: Out and About in Newark

More work today.  Nothing exciting to report on that front.

I got home at a very reasonable time for a Friday night but discovered upon my arrival at my apartment in Newark that my Optimum Online from Cablevision was apparently shut off.  I called the customer service to make sure that I hadn’t forgotten to pay the bill or anything but that wasn’t the problem.  I spent an hour on the line with the Optimum customer support system but all that was was a lengthy process asking you to unplug your cable modem and to plug it back in again over and over and over.  There was no troubleshooting done at all.  It was a complete waste of time.  And after pouring all kinds of time into that waste all they did was schedule someone to come out and look at the problem on Tuesday afternoon!  So I have no Internet now for almost a week!

At nine thirty I decided that sitting in my apartment with no Internet access was a waste of time so I walked over to the Key Club which has live music on Friday night and I hung out there for a while.

I found out tonight that one of the guys who works at my apartment building had just put in his notice so that he could take a job in a different part of the country.  So I called him just as he was about to get off of his shift and asked if he wanted to come out to the Key Club and hang out as well.  So he met me there around eleven thirty and we hung out there until the club closed down a little before two.  Sharpe James even made an appearance before the evening was over.

After the club my friend and I made an attempt to walk to a diner for some dinner but got caught in a torrential rain storm and had to give up on that attempt.  So we caught a cab and went out to Irvington to find some all night diners.

The first diner that we tried had been torn down but we finally found Don’s Diner and got ourselves some dinner there.  There were a lot of people out getting food for some reason at this very late hour and it took hours for us to get our food.  It was nuts.

It was four in the morning by the time that we finally returned to 1180.  I was exhausted but we had a really good time.

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