September 24, 2007: Mornings with Oreo

Because Oreo has no daycare this week we are having to be creative to keep him happy. I am staying home late this morning and working from here so that his day isn’t too long. It is a bright and sunny morning so he is very happy about that. Any chance to lounge on his favourite pillow in the bright sun is not to be missed.

My plan was to stay home until about ten this morning but nothing ever goes as planned. I was all set to head into the office around eleven thirty when I got caught on a conference call for quite some time. That actually worked out very well because Oreo got a nice long morning with me and his lonely afternoon was rather short. Dominica rushed home and spent a while playing with him.

I stayed at work really late – call it guilt for having worked from home this morning although I think that I got more done while I was at home except that I really did need some “face time” to discuss a few details on something. Otherwise I would have considered staying home all day.

Dominica went out and did some shopping for me over her lunch break. She ran to Staples and got me a USB Floppy Drive. I know, the most ridiculous thing that you could possibly image. But I need one because some of my HP server hardware – namely the DL145 G2 – does not allow BIOS or ILO firmware upgrades from any other media. So floppy it is. She also picked up a very cool Brother PTouch label maker because we both wanted one.

It was a bit after seven when I finally got home.  I had to hit the A&P on the way out of the office to pick up some water as we were just about out this morning when I left home.  I walked in the door to food waiting for me from Golden City.  Dominica had ordered it and it had arrived just minutes before me.  We threw on a little Ballykissangel and ate our dinner.

After dinner I had to walk the dog and then it was time to get down to work.  I was tired but I don’t have a very big window in which to get things done before Wednesday and on Wednesday I have to make an evening delivery to Scranton and my homework for the week is due.  And since I didn’t get any chance at all to touch it this weekend and really didn’t get a moment to do it today I am stuck really cramming for it tomorrow.

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