September 25, 2007: My Youngest Cousin Is An Adult

That’s right, the youngest member of my generation in my family – on both sides – turns eighteen today.  I am the oldest at thirty one.  My entire group of cousins number only six (including me) with the next oldest at twenty three.  So happy birthday or bday to Jeremy Richardson.

Oreo is home alone all day today.  Susan is coming over during her lunch break to take him for a walk in the park.  So he won’t have to cross his legs all day but he will be very lonely.

It was a very warm late September day down here in New Jersey.  I didn’t check the temperature but I would guess that it was in the mid-eighties.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer pushing into the nineties. Rochester hit ninety-two today which breaks the record for the warmest “Jeremy’s birthday” since 1891.

I got home this evening to a very excited dog.  He seems to have had a good day though.  He got lots of rest and did not appear to be upset.

My evening was extremely busy.  I finished preparing my DL145 G2 and SunFire V100 that are being transported out to Scranton tomorrow evening.  That took a bit of work.  I am hoping that I have everything done on them that I need to do.  One of the big disadvantages to having a colocation facility is that once you send stuff there it is extremely difficult to deal with it down the road since you can’t touch it.  You have to be really confident that everything will work properly “blind”.

I also had a lot of homework that I had to do because it is due tomorrow night.  Or so I thought.  After working like crazy on a big Java project until just about midnight I went onto the website for the course and realized that this is actually a two week project and that the homework is not actually due until October 4th!  What an idiot I am!

The upside is, of course, that I got a ton of Java work done ahead of time and now I don’t have to panic and can make sure that I am able to sit down and do it right.  I am doing well in my class so far and I don’t want to mess it up because of scheduling issues.  And we are not traveling this coming weekend so I have plenty of time to sit down and make sure that it is right.

Dominica bought some new shelf unit things that I can’t think of a good name for and she put in some time playing with Oreo, walking Oreo, assembling a new lamp and organizing the closets.  The bedroom is really coming together nicely.  We still need a good bedside table though with some drawers.  If we had that then I would have some additional storage, a place for a lamp, a place for my CPAP and a place for the alarm clock.  Boy I need a lot of stuff to sleep!

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