September 5, 2007: Party at Food for Life

I woke up at three this morning and didn’t feel well. I got back in bed a little before four but wasn’t able to really sleep and just use the time for puppy snuggles. I have to get up around five to get into the office so it wasn’t that long before I would have to be up anyway.

Today was mostly uneventful. Busy but not abnormally so. I had an insanely busy afternoon working on one issue from one thirty until four thirty when it was time to go home. On the way home I stopped at the gas station by work and put air in the tires of the PR5. It was running a little low.

I started using RSSOwl today for reading my RSS and Atom feeds. I read a lot of feeds and it makes life a lot easier. I was using an add-on to Firefox for a while but that was cumbersome and difficult to use. Having a dedicated reader makes a lot more sense for me.

Freedom is mine!

I got home around five – a good hour before Dominica got home. I visited at the front desk for a little while, picked up the mail and the package that had arrived and then went up to the apartment. The HP Vectra that I had won on eBay for the school in Castile arrived today. It is nothing special but it was a really good price.
I found an extremely interesting blog post about islands on lakes on islands and lakes on islands in lakes from Google Sightseeing.

For dinner Dominica and I had arranged to go over to Food for Life. We were both in the mood for it. Min got home just after six and came up to the apartment, dropped off Oreo and then we started walking over for dinner.

On our way over to dinner at FFL we ran into one of our neighbours that we had hung out with in Toronto. She said that she and her husband might join us at FFL if he got home in time. So we went on ahead to the restaurant and got a table. Just as we ordered we saw another neighbour from our building walking by so I ran out and grabbed him and he joined us for dinner. Within minutes our first neighbour’s husband was walking by and we managed to grab him from the restaurant as well. So, in the end, Dominica and my walk to dinner resulted in five of us having dinner together! It was a lot of fun.

As it turns out, our waiter tonight is the younger brother or the first waiter that Dominica and I ever had at FFL just about one year ago.  We were his first ever table as a waiter and he was our first waiter at FFL.  Today was his brother’s first day and although I doubt that we were his first table we were at least customers on his first day.

After dinner we watched two episodes of Heroes.  I talked to Andy tonight and he said that he had watched the first episode of Heroes tonight as well!  I stayed up late tonight working on the SunFire V100.  I have made a lot of progress on it but don’t quite have it working well enough yet.

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