September 6, 2007: Nothing Much

Not much to post about today. Extremely uneventful day. I went to work in the morning. Worked a normalish day. Busy but not excessively so. I am still on the earlier than normal shift so my days are running earlier than usual.

I got some of my RIT Java homework done today. That isn’t very exciting.

I did discover what happens to those mail in rebates that you send in (at least to Fry’s.)  It is obvious why they choose the expensive “by mail” paper-based processing route instead of the cheap online automated route – it’s all about the ability to hide the evidence.  And they still screwed it up!

I got home and spent the evening working on the SunFire V100 which is having all kinds of issues booting from its CD. It did it last week but now I can’t get it to attempt it. So I spent the entire evening working on that issue.

We ordered in Chinese from Golden City and watched Heroes. Dominica did a bit of laundry this evening but was so distracted by the show that at one point she ran an entire load without remembering the detergent.

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