October 1, 2007: Caveat Amplexus

I just like the phrase caveat amplexus. In English, beware of the embrace.

Wow, October is here. Today feels like October too. The sky is overcast and the weather has finally turned cool. Today is also Oreo’s last day being stuck at home. Tomorrow he gets to return to daycare and boy is he ever looking forward to that. He is totally rambunctous today. He has so much energy he has no idea what to do with it all.

No luck going into the office again today. On Friday morning I was supposed to be all moved to Wall Street but I didn’t dare go in and start experimenting with the new office as Friday’s are so busy and I couldn’t afford to have things go wrong. No one was able to verify that the move had happened though. It turns out that it is a good thing that I played it safe because even by today my office in the city is still being used for storage and it has not yet been set up. So even today if I was to have gone in to the office I would have been unable to work. I am hoping that I have a desktop by tomorrow afternoon. I am, at very least, going to go in and get my badge and stuff working so that I don’t have to deal with that when there is some emergency going on and it is a big panic.

I hooked my laptop up to my Netgear SC101 SAN drives today and started using the shared file system for backing up the laptop and sharing resources between it and Dominica’s windows desktop.

We have decided that one of Oreo’s official nicknames is: Mr. Snuggles McLazybutt.

Here is something cool, OpenSuse 10.3 which I have been waiting for is scheduled to release officially on this Thursday, October 4th which is Min’s and my fourth anniversary. Our plan is to go out to 27Mix for dinner that night.

Oreo is completely crazy today.  He has been out of daycare for a week, two weekends and two days now and he can’t stand it anymore.  He is a terrier time bomb flying around the apartment.

Min got home and whipped up a quick dinner out of the fridge which we ate while watching The Cosby Show.  I tried to watch two episodes but got a call and had to skip out.  For the rest of the evening I worked on some Java homework and she finished watching the first season of Heroes.

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