September 30, 2007: Just a Relaxing Sunday

Dominica got up nice and early this morning – well before eight. She has this “teeth whitening” treatment from the dentist that she uses at night. It is one of those prescription treatments that you have to have tooth molds made so that they can make a tray that goes into your mouth and everything. She is supposed to where the thing for two hours each night while the high powered chemicals do their thing. (Bleach, I imagine.) But last night she went to bed while still wearing it and, of course, fell asleep and wore it all night. So she burned her teeth and gums and has a bit of discomfort.

It is another bright and sunny morning here in Newark. Oreo has been having a great time the last few days laying about lazily in the sunlight. He loves lounging on his pillow in the living room toasting himself until it makes him too warm and then laying in the shade on the hardwood to cool off.

Today is homework day for Dominica. I need to do a bit as well. But mine isn’t due until later in the week.  It wasn’t long before I got paged and had to work.  It has been a long weekend of work.

We did lunch out at the local diner with some friends but I got paged again partway through lunch so we had to hurry back to Eleven 80 so that I could get back to work.  I ended up having to work for several hours.  It was a very busy afternoon.

Once I was finally done working we watched quite a bit of AppleTV.  Now that we have it set up and really working and have several subscriptions working in iTunes (working sometimes, anyway) it is much more enjoyable.  We have several “real” television shows downloaded and tons of video podcasts.  Dominica really enjoys being able to watch YouTube videos.

We ordered in pizza from Dominos and called it an early night.  Oreo loves us having AppleTV in the bedroom.  He just snuggles while we watch television.

Next weekend we will be going back home to drop off the extra car and to get supplies that we need before traveling to the UK.

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