October 11, 2007: Eating at Airlie Cafe

Home today and it is a good thing – I have a serious blister on my foot from all of the walking that I am not used to. It is a beautiful fall day today and for the first time of the season I was able to wear a fleece. No sun today but it is bright and overcast which makes it perfect for working at home where I don’t have tinted windows. I am able to have the blinds up and get real light but I am not blinded or looking at reflections everywhere. No wonder that San Francisco and Seattle are such IT hot spots – they have better light to see monitors by.

For breakfast I just ran right across the street to the Airlie Cafe and got myself an egg and cheese on hardroll and one of their excellent cheese danishes. Oreo is in a great mood today. I think that he is tired after several days back at daycare and he is very happy to be able to just sleep on the futon and have me be in the living room so that he can keep a drowsy eye on me.

I have been reading “Peopleware” by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. As I read it I can see why so many people make reference to it. It is unbelievable how much material that I see regurgitated in other management books originated in this classic tome. The original book was published in 1987 and the eight chapters longer version that I am reading is the second edition from 1998. The book is really excellent and any in software development and especially in project management should read it.

My day today was heavy on phone calls, conferences and emails but light on the real, honest work. It happens. Every day is its own balance. Some days no one speaks to me and its all real SA work all day and other days I am just a coordinator.

I grabbed a light sandwich this afternoon at Airlie – I really like their mozzarella sandwich – and just ate at home while I worked. By four it started to rain pretty heavily. It was dark and cloudy all day.

Oreo wanted to go outside around five when the rain was really coming down. I walked him down and opened the door for him. He peered out into the deluge, put one paw tentatively out into the wet, pulled it back and looked at me imploring me not to make him follow through on his former wishes. So I walked him back upstairs and he decided to just hold it until evening.

After work Dominica had an appointment to get her hair done – we have a wedding to attend this weekend. I will probably need to shave my head tomorrow too. On Saturday morning I have to take my midterm for my master’s class at RIT. It is a busy weekend – but what is new?

Around eight Oreo and I were still waiting for Dominica to get home from work so I went ahead and ordered some Chinese take-away from Golden City. General Tso’s Bean Curd and Vegetable LoMein. It takes fifteen to thirty minutes to get the food and I figured that Dominica couldn’t take much longer than that to get home. I didn’t want dinner to be so late that we couldn’t reasonably eat it.

I discovered a cute webtoon today: Dan and Scoti.

It was almost a quarter to nine when Dominica got home.  Her hair is very short but cute and back to her original hair colour.  She got tired of having it coloured.  She got home at the perfect time because I met her in the lobby of Eleven80 as I came down to pick up the Chinese as it was arriving.

We ate dinner and watched The Cosby Show and called it a night.

I accidentally hit my elbow on a door frame this evening.  I was fixing the collar of my fleece as I walked down the hall and I walked right into the doorframe with my elbow around head level.  It was the perfect position to really smash it quite badly.  The pain was really intense but does not feel like it is broken.  I am concerned that it is fractured though.  The pain was incredible and now, several hours later, my fingers are tingling while I write this.  My joint moves correctly but any pressure on it from lifting or compression make it hurt which is not typical of a bruised bone.  But it might be a swelling around the nerve so I am taking an anti-inflammatory and going to bed.  Hopefully that will take care of it.  I don’t need another broken bone – the ankle, rib, wrist, nose and toes should be enough.  Just thinking about it bring a psychosomatic twinge to my toes.

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