October 16, 2007: Nicklin Comes to Newark

I am working from home today.  My schedule this week is all weird.  Originally I was schedule to be in Warren tomorrow but that has been changed until Thursday.  And today I am home.  I think that my home day is more likely to switch to Tuesdays rather than Thursdays just because Thursdays normally work better for going out to Warren.  We will see.  It will take a while for me to get used to the new commute.

Oreo was very happy laying in the sun all day.  He just hopped up on the loveseat that was turned around on Friday evening and now faces the desks.  He really likes being able to lay there and watch me work but have the comfort of the soft chair and the sunlight.

When I wasn’t working on work today I worked on my Java homework that was due this Thursday.  But later in the day my professor pushed off the due date until Saturday.  As it was it was originally due yesterday and so has been delayed twice now.  Pheww.

Dominica got home and cleaned as much as she could.  John Nicklin was originally scheduled to arrive in Newark around midnight tonight but at four thirty he was able to walk onto an earlier flight in Chicago and arrived in Newark long before eight.

John took a cab up to Eleven80 and Dominica gave him a tour while I did some phone support and tried to wrap things up for the evening.  I met them down on the second floor going through the lounge area.  Then we walked over to Scully’s Publick House on Clinton Street.  Scully’s is actually directly one block over from our back door on Commerce but you have to walk around the block to get there because there is a fence blocking us for going straight down the alley.

We ate a nice dinner at Scully’s.  Dominica really likes that place.  She is very happy to have some additional variety in our eating locally.  She tried the fish fry tonight but it was beer battered tilapia which was a little weird and she didn’t like it very much.

After dinner we were all very tired.  John had been going since three in the morning and had flown from Baltimore to Chicago and then out to Newark later in the day.  So he caught the shuttle back to his hotel and Dominica and I headed off to bed.

While doing some research today I learned about hagfish.  Hagfish are insanely disgusting and yet interesting.  There is a great video on YouTube of a anaesthesized hagfish’s “slime” reaction.

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