October 15, 2007: Paperwork and a Red Square

I woke up exactly one minute before my alarm this morning. It is so weird how I do that all of the time.

I was up and out the door in record time today.  It was a cool, crisp morning and I was able to walk very quickly and get into the office nice and early.

My day ended up being all about paperwork.  Just hours and hours of paperwork.  I managed to get to have lunch with a coworker that I spent a great deal of the end of last year working with but never got to meet in person until last week.  It was nice to get to just sit down and talk instead of just working all of the time.

We just ordered in dinner tonight and relaxed.  I have a ton of homework to do this week but I just couldn’t get started on it tonight.  I didn’t have the energy.  I spent most of the evening talking to Andy on the phone while Dominica watched DVDs.

I am working from home tomorrow.

Looking to kill some time at the office? Try saving the red square.

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