October 17, 2007: Hanging with Nicklin

First thing this morning I finished reading Peopleware. What an excellent book. I am very happy that I read it and it was quite short too even with the extended second edition portions added in at the end.

Last night before going to bed I was able to bid on and win an old 1983 Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 laptop. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. My plan is to mount it into a shadowbox and put it up on the apartment wall as “technology art.”

I got into the office nice and early this morning. I had hoped to have been able to have gone to Borders on my way in this morning but I discovered that when I get to work early they are closed. So I hope to hit them over lunch instead. They are very close.

I did bring some magazines with me today and I managed to read them on the train. When I have disposal magazines, like eWeek, that works out well because I carry them in just one direction unlike a book that I take back and forth.

Work was busy this morning. I came into the office to discover that my office was all set to be moved. Today is my last day in my new office that I love so much 🙁 I am currently on the tenth floor with a window in a nice, quiet environment where I can easily work and think. DeMarco and Lister would be proud. Tomorrow I work from Warren. On Friday my office is being relocated down to the noisy and warm eighth floor where no one gets a window. So I will have to work from home on Friday so that I am able to get anything done. I can’t go into Warren because of the late night work and the early shuttle runs.

At lunch today I decided to walk up to Borders to pick up a book for the commute home. It is probably just under a mile round trip from here to Borders which means that I will walk about three miles today. I picked up Kent Beck’s Test Driven Development By Example.

John Nicklin got dropped off at Newark Penn Station just a minute before my train pulled in there.  So we met out front and we walked over to the Robert Treat Hotel on Military Park where he is staying tonight.  We got him checked in and then we walked back to Eleven80.

Minutes after we arrived some friends who were stopping by for the evening came bearing dinner from Food for Life.  They were over to use our computer and Internet access to do some online homework or something university related.  Dominica and Oreo got home just minutes later and we had dinner on the early side.

We hung out for a while.  I got stuck working quite a bit this evening, though, which was horrible timing.  We ran out to the Key Club to hang out for a while.  I got paged and had to run back to the apartment for a while and do some work.  Then I returned to the Key Club for a little while before we headed for home to turn in for the night.  I had to stay up and do a little last minute work before the night was over.

John is heading back home tomorrow afternoon on the train.  We are planning on getting breakfast before I go into the office.

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