October 18, 2007: I Got Linked by the WSJ

I was extremely excited today when I discovered that people were being referred to SGL from the Wall Street Journal. I followed back to the referring page and discovered that we are the top listing for “Blog Posts About This Topic” on the article Transparency in Management. The list to SGL was to my article, posted yesterday, about The Fallacy of Bonuses.

I started off the day by walking down to the Robert Treat Hotel in downtown Newark on Military Park and meeting John Nicklin. We walked across the park to Central Avenue where we got breakfast at the Central Ave. Diner. It was nice to actually get a chance to sit and talk. It was about six forty-five when we got to the diner.

I am working in Warren today which means that I have to travel into Manhattan via the PATH and then catch the subway up to Tribeca where I can get on the shuttle that takes me out to Warren.  It is a two hour process minimum to get out there if not a lot more.  Depending on when the shuttles run and when the trains get me there in can get close to three hours which is crazy.  But if you just miss the shuttle you have to wait an hour and it can take an hour for the shuttle to make the trip so that is up to two hours just for the last leg of the journey.

Work was okay but busy since I was spending so much of the day traveling – but it is important to get facetime at the office and on Wall Street no one ever sees me.   It makes for a day full of variety though since I do so many trips that I don’t usually make.  Today ended up being a particularly good day to go out to Warren because I ended up riding the shuttle with some people that I really needed to see and would not have seen for months otherwise.

I had to skip lunch today because I was so busy and I barely got a chance to see anyone at the office.  I had to leave the office at five thirty and run to the shuttle before it abandoned me at Warren for the night.  I had a ton of work dropped on me right as I needed to leave and it was all that I could do to get out of the door.  I made the shuttle just as they were closing the doors.  I can’t believe that they last shuttle of the night is five thirty when so many people normally work until after six.  They used to have a seven o’clock shuttle that made a lot more sense but they stopped running it without telling anyone so the five thirty is my last chance to get home from Warren.

The trip home ended up taking absolutely forever.  It took until after six thirty to arrive in Tribeca which was expected.  Dominica called me on the shuttle to let me know that she was home and starting dinner.  So instead of my normal walk down to the WTC (World Trade Center for those outside of the New York Metro) I ran over to the Canal Street Subway stop and hopped on a train bound for, I thought, the WTC.  Nope.  I grabbed the wrong one and ended up in Brooklyn.  No big deal.  No big deal until, of course, no train came to take me back to Manhattan for almost an hour!  What a disaster.  I was stuck in the tiny and very warm Brooklyn Bridge – High Street Station in Brooklyn for an hour with no cell service or working Blackberry service.  Ugh.  I was not happy.  Boy was I ever glad that I had my book with me.  At least I managed to get some good reading in while I was there.

I finally got back to Fulton Street and decided to just walk to the WTC from there.  It ended up taking me just short of three hours to get home.  🙁  I walked in the door and hopped right back on to help at the office because other people had been covering for me since I had had to get on the shuttle several hours before.  It was a long evening.

Dominica cooked dinner at home for the first time in a long time and had dinner waiting for me when I got home.  She made bbq tofu and pan friend polenta which was amazing.  It might be the best dinner that she has ever cooked and she says that it was pretty easy too.  We will definitely be having that again.  Soon, I hope.

I worked for a while and then did a little bit of homework to prepare for Saturday.

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