October 21, 2007: Trying to Rest Today

We slept in late this morning, as you can imagine. Dominica got up sometime around eight and Oreo and I pushed on until around nine thirty. Even then we were quite tired. Well, I was at least. Oreo was probably pretty well rested as he did almost nothing yesterday although he did find it to be a very stressful day.

It took us a while to get moving this morning. A friend came over from the Ironbound and we all walked over to the Central Ave. Diner to get some breakfast/lunch. Military Park was packed full this morning with the Breast Cancer walk using it as its ending point. Oreo got a short walk in the park but we couldn’t use a lot of it because of all of the people.

Oreo in the Sun

After lunch we hung out at the apartment for several hours. After yesterday I was just not ready to get back to work right away even though I have more homework that I need to be working on right away.

I won a Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 PC1 handheld computer on eBay. This is a classic from 1980. This was the first “pocket” sized computer – really a PDA – on the market. It is programmable using BASIC. This would have been amazing to have owned back in the day.

We took the evening really easy. Min had some homework today and Oreo was feeling very needy and wanted tons of attention.

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