October 22, 2007: New Office (Again)

Okay, now this really gets my goat. Goats are not war machines people! They are garbage disposals. 🙂

Oreo Sprawling on Loveseat

I was completely exhausted when I dragged my butt out of bed this morning. This weekend really took a toll on me. It was all that I could do to get moving this morning.

Before I could head out the door to get to work I had to log in to the office and clear out my mail. About three thousand messages had accumulated since I had logged off just thirty-six hours ago and my mailbox was overfull. That meant that the email server would no longer send out mail on my behalf and my BlackBerry might as well be dead.

I got off to work. It was a nice, cool morning. Perfect for walking. I got into the office and spent a good twenty minutes wandering around on the eighth floor trying to figure out where my new office is located. On Friday, while I was working from home, my office was moved from the tenth floor to the eighth floor. But now I have to find it.

I did stumble across it after not too long. The new office is dramatically fancier and more comfortable than the one two floors up but there is a lot more traffic here, more noise and, most importantly, the area is much warmer which makes me want to sleep. There is a lot of pink noise which doesn’t help either.

I got settled in and figured out where everything was and how everything works. I had a large cardboard box on my desk that I decided to rip apart and place across the top of my cubicle to reduce the ambient light coming down. The light isn’t horrible here but it is much brighter than is appropriate for using a computer all day long. It is amazing to me how much money companies are willing to spend on lighting that is too bright and negatively impacts productivity. That is one of the craziest spending areas as far as I am concerned. Electricity is expensive and to go beyond wasting it seems a bit much.

For lunch I walked up to the Wall St. Cafe and got myself some pizza. It was good and I just ate at my desk.

My afternoon went fine.  I tried to leave at my usual time but got caught talking to some clients and didn’t manage to attain escape velocity until almost five thirty – long after I should have left for the day.

I rushed home and discovered that I had beaten Dominica home anyway.  She went grocery shopping at the A&P up near where she works for groceries so it took her a while to get home.  On her lunch break she had gone shopping at Target so we now have an HDMI switch so that we can have both the DVD player and the AppleTV hooked up to the television in our bedroom.  However, she forgot another HDMI cable so we couldn’t hook it up tonight.

I was really tired this evening and it was pretty late by the time that Dominica got home so we just ordered in a pizza from Nino’s and called it an early night.  I have to be up and moving early tomorrow because I am covering the early morning shift for someone so some extra rest tonight would be good.

We watched some of the second season of Family Ties and ate our dinner and went to bed.  Oreo was very thankful for the extra snuggle time.

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