November 10, 2007: Happy Birthday Luna

I was up before eight this morning. It was fifty-five degrees in our bedroom when I got out of bed and closed the window. Dominica and Oreo were still fast asleep and would be for at least another hour. I closed the window and figured that a load of dishes would help to warm up the apartment so I went to the kitchen and washed all of the dishes, loaded the dishwasher and ran a load and did some other light cleaning around the apartment. Mom would be proud – cleaning first thing on a Saturday morning. I also fired up the computers. These are newer AMD machines so they don’t generate a lot of heat but every little bit helps.

Luna at the Eleven80 Halloween Party

I am on call for the office this weekend so I logged in there – just over ten hours after having logged off my workstation at the office last night.

Today is the last day of the Master’s Java development course. That class just few by. I really thought that there were going to be at least two more big projects if not four and a lot more material covered. I liked the class but mostly it was just a recap of my undergrad Java 1 course which was considered to be at the Freshman level. This class moved a little faster and the homework was definitely longer and more difficult and the grading was a little steeper but for the most part I would have a hard time saying that the class itself was any harder. My last grad class also overlapped with an undergrad class (do you sense a theme here) and was far easier than the SUNY undergrad work that I did. Starting in about two weeks is my third grad class, Project Management, which (I told you that there was a theme) exactly mirrors one of my undergrad classes.

Once Dominica and Oreo were awake I walked over to Airlie Cafe and picked up breakfast for us which we ate in bed while watching an episode of Buck Rogers in the Twenty Fifth Century. We watched the episode where our intrepid hero flies off to another planet to save the alien girl in distress.

Dominica spent the bulk of the day working on our backlog of laundry and working on packing for our trip next week. That was a lot of work. I did a bit of cleaning around the apartment, especially in the kitchen, and spent the evening hard at work studying for a couple of hours for my Java final exam which I want to take today so that I can get it out of the way before I get stuck with it hanging over my head for the rest of the week.

It was fairly late this evening when I finally stopped studying and sat down to actually take the final exam. It covered a lot of material that I was not expecting but that I thankfully had studied for and was well prepared for. I ended up getting a 97% on the final and am now done with my Java class. I am free and clear for the next week and won’t have to worry about homework or tests while I am in the United Kingdom. There is still one last homework assignment that has not been graded so I do not have a final grade for the class yet but should have that any day.

Dominica made dinner here out of what we had in the freezer and then baked an apple pie while she was waiting for me to finish the test.

Happy first birthday to Luna who lives in our building!

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