November 13, 2007: Three Days to Europe!

Dominica and I made an attempt at going to the Chinese restaurant on Commerce Street here in Newark that is directly across the street from us as we have not even tried to eat there yet all of the time that we have lived here. It is impossible to tell when this restaurant is open because they have no open or closed signs and there is always activity there. So we went in but it was very uncomfortable as if they were closed but didn’t want to tell us. Not one person in the restaurant would even look at us and it really looked like we had walked into a business meeting or some seedy underground thing like you see in a movie. So we turned around and left and won’t be trying that again. It definitely gave that feeling of just being a front for some underworld crime ring. So we are just going to avoid that place.

We did a quick and simple dinner at Subway next to Eleven80. Eating there is relatively healthy, quite cheap and very quick and easy.

I was doing some searching for pictures of Eleven80 on Flickr and found this great picture of Farty G – Ikea’s box of stinky pajamas. Seriously, how does marketing fail this horribly for such a giant company?

I felt a little better when I got up this morning. Yesterday I was quite under the weather with a minor sinus infection. Normally I get them these days because of the CPAP. It makes me extra sensitive to them and to weather changes.

Today I worked out in Warren. So I got up, stopped at Airlie Cafe for breakfast and walked up to the Broad Street Station of NJ Transit here in Newark. Going this way costs a lot more in walking time getting to the train station. I think that the walk probably takes me at least twenty minutes if not a little more. That station is quite some distance from the apartment at Eleven80. At least it is good exercise. It was raining a bit this morning but rather warm. Incredibly warm when you consider that it is just about December!

As always happens in Warren by day was very busy – mostly with meetings and talking to people that I never get to see. Today Dominica and I realized that we are spending so much time traveling from London to Stratford-upon-Avon that we could actually get out to Paris in far less time on the train.  And somehow, going to Paris for the weekend just sounds like a better plan than going to Stratford-upon-Avon for the weekend.  Stratford would be cool and we would like to go someday but as this is our first trip ever to Europe it would be awfully nice to at least get to set foot upon the continent even if just for the weekend.

I took the shuttle/train home from work and arrived to find my new Blackberry had arrived.  I got it unpacked and fired up and activated and all that jazz.  It works but there is another step to getting it set up that we can’t do until tomorrow evening.  So it is only half setup right now and there is a lot of stuff that I can’t test.  So my review of the unit is pretty minimal today.  So far so good.  It looks nice and the interface is pretty decent.  But that is about all that I have for the moment.

I found out from RIT that my next semester does not begin until December 4th so I am free and clear until then.

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