November 6, 2007: Planning for the UK

I updated SGL’s WordPress engine to 2.3.1 today. We now have tagging support even though the theme that I am using does not support tags yet. But eventually they will appear for you and it will be very exciting. Trust me.

It was a perfect morning today. Cold and rainy. I had a sesame seed bagel from Airlie and I walked outside in the rain in my black trench coat and Callaway baseball cap. It wasn’t a heavy rain but just enough to bring out the grim, urban look that I like so much. Walking down Commerce with the autumn leaves strewn about in dirty puddles and the half-barren trees shielding only the slightly bit of rain – this is how I love the city.

Work was work. Nothing special. Dominica had a crappy day – finding out that when she was hired they had lied to her about where she was going to be working. They had hired her to work at the same location that she had been working at for the last several months but they claimed that they needed her to temporarily work further away from home. She put up with it because it was only temporary but today she found out that that was not the case and that there were no plans to move her back to the site that she had been hired for. That is in addition to the lack of mobility within the company for female employees.

Ah the perils of working for big businesses.

I ended up working a long day and was quite tired by the time that I headed for home.  Dominica didn’t feel like going out tonight so we ordered in some Italian from Nino’s.  We watched some Buck Rogers in the Twenty Fifth Century and pretty much just went to bed.  It was a quiet night.

I looked at my Java class and it would appear that there is no more homework being assigned and I am pretty sure that my final exam is going to be made available this weekend on Saturday which would be awesome because it would mean that I will have plenty of time to complete it and even relax for a couple of days before flying off to Europe next weekend.

Dominica put in a ton of work getting hotel reservations today.  We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Belfast.  We have a room for London at the Sleep Inn for our main big of time there.  And a night at the Comfort Inn at Heathrow for our last night before flying home.  For our opening weekend in the country we had hoped to be able to stay out in the Cotswolds but we were unable to find a place to stay there so our current plan is to stay in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire which is, unfortunately, a major tourist destination getting three million tourists a year but that is also why we were able to find a hotel.

Now if the dollar can just make a bit of a comeback we might be able to afford the trip…

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