December 11, 2007: Dominica Has More Teeth Out

My first good news of the morning was seeing that my money was being refunded via PayPal’s protection mechanism. That is a relief. I also, on the same day, hit a score of 100 on eBay marking both 100 good feedbacks and a 100% score which I expect to be ended if the pirate is allowed to leave feedback for me but we will see. No one gets to keep a score that good for long anyway. Someone is always looking to get you and you just have to accept it and move on.

Here is a tip for people who get a computer with loads of pirated software on it: pirates don’t like to give out return addresses so that you can send stuff back to them.

Work was very busy today and I didn’t get a chance to do anything extra, including lunch, except to make a very quick walk to the post office while walking Oreo to mail our registration renewal form for the Mazda PR5 (which is still for sale if anyone cares.)  It was a very busy day.

Oreo is getting used to the loveseat and spent a bit of the day sleeping on it.  He misses his old futon though.  It was really “his”.  None of us used it because it wasn’t that comfortable to sit on but it was perfect for the dog.  We are very glad to have more seating now in the living room and will be even happier when the matching chair arrives later this week.  We have another D&D game scheduled for Thursday evening and people will actually have places to sit now.

Min got home at five and we were off to the dentist fifteen minutes later.  Oreo waited in the car and I walked a little over a mile in the cold rain to find dinner while Dominica had her teeth pulled.  Two more wisdom teeth today so that they are all out.  I found a sub shop in Kearney that had really amazing food.  I was glad that I decided to walk all of that way.  I found that there were a lot of restaurants on that stretch that looked good.  Too bad all of the food is so far away.  Nothing like that around downtown at all.

The surgery took just under an hour and we were out of there at a quarter till seven and on our way home.  We got home and I walked Oreo and then did a little bit more work to wrap things up at the office for people who needed changes made after I had left to drive Min to the dentist and then we called it a night.  Min played a little Paper Mario and then we watched Are You Being Served? before going to bed.

Hey, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t make it random. Oh, and this is all that you ever needed to know about hamsters.

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