December 12, 2007: Getting Caught Up

I stayed home a little this morning just to make sure that Dominica was doing okay and could get off to work. She was feeling pretty good last night and didn’t take as much hydrocodone as she did last week and she was able to head off to work pretty early this morning.

Oreo, for some reason, was very sleepy this morning and did everything that he could to sleep in as late as he could (until breakfast was served, that is.) Then he went and slept on the loveseat until Dominica put his “school outfit” on and even then she had to pick him up to do it because he was being a limp noodle. Then, while she was walking him to the door, she walked too slowly and he laid down on his pillow while being lead along on his leash!

It is extremely warm today. So warm that I had to take off my jacket while walking down Wall Street today to keep from getting too warm. Not the kind of weather that one expects in mid-December in New York.

Oreo is all set for his long weekend at the doggie hotel. He will be staying at daycare from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon while Dominica and I are in Arnold, Maryland.

I was doing some searching for something else today and stumbled upon this interesting looking game from Battle Phase Games: The Warrior’s Tale. This is done in the style of the original Bard’s Tale video game series from the early 1980s but is completely new, free and available for the Windows XP platform. I didn’t get a chance to play it at all yet but the graphics look impressive for the style and I am quite interested to see how the game is. I love new games done in a classic style.

Today was actually a slow day at the office which was totally unexpected at this time of year.  I was able to keep up with stuff all day long.  That was a nice change.

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