December 16, 2007: Day After

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I was up at four this morning and could hear the party still going on down below. But I didn’t stay up for long before going back to bed to get some more rest. I got up for real around eight or so – just two hours after the party officially wrapped up. Dominica stayed in bed for another two hours or so. It was close to eleven when we finally made our way down to the first floor because we had heard Michelle on the phone so we knew that someone was awake at that point.

We visited for the morning and at one in the afternoon we set out for the drive back up to New Jersey. Neither of us was in much of a mood to drive today. We continued listening to “T is for Trespass” on CD as we drove. It is unabridged and quite long so I am not sure when I will get a chance to finish listening to it.

The drive home went pretty well. In central Jersey we switched and Min took over driving the rest of the way home. It was six when we got to Doggie Paradise to pick up Oreo. He was so excited to see us! This is the most excited we have ever seen him at daycare.

We got home and had to deal with the mail and packages that had arrived on Friday night just as we were walking out of the door. The first order or business was assembling our new living room armchair. It is the matching unit to the loveseat that we got several days ago. The chair was actually purchased first but things arrived out of order. Dominica put the chair together so that by the end of the evening our living room is now all but complete. We just need a television. However, we decided to go ahead and buy the television tonight as our credit card has rolled over and we are purchasing on our January expenses now. But when we went to order it it had shot up about $300. So our careful planning was ruined and now we will wait until the new year and most likely February to re-evaluate the living room LCD television situation. 🙁

Our new Dungeons and Dragons dice sets arrived on Friday as well. We were very short of dice and it was a problem when we tried to have a game night so we bought four sets so that we wouldn’t have to deal with that in the future. Also in the post was “Pirates of the Fallen Stars” which I have wanted for years and I finally got for about $4. I also got the hardcover book “The Quest for the Lost Roman Legions” by Tony Clunn. Tony Clunn was the British soldier stationed in Germany in the 1980s who spent his free time searching for the lost battlefield of Teutoberg Forest. He is famous today as the site’s discoverer.

From the “greed” game on Saturday night Dominica won a chocolate fondue fountain which is pretty cool. Not quite something that we would have bought for ourselves but definitely something cool that we are glad that we got (if only we can figure out where the heck to store the thing… maybe at dad’s house?)

We went to bed early and Dominica started ready “Homeland” that I finished last week and I wrapped up reading “Exile” and am about to begin “Sojourn” tomorrow.

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