December 19, 2007: Our OLPC Came Today

It is a cold one today. No sun at all. Last night I stayed up reading and this morning finished R. A. Salvatore’s “Sojourn” which is the third book in the Dark Elf Trilogy. Dominica has been pushing me to finish the book so that she could read it. Tomorrow I am hoping to pick up a copy of the Icewind Dale Trilogy which follows the Dark Elf Trilogy in the Drizzt Cycle.

Andy left for Pittsburgh this morning. I bet he is glad that he has a new GPS unit. Getting around Pittsburgh is one of the toughest things ever. That is one hard town to find your way around in. This will be his first time ever being in Pittsburgh alone since he lived there alone after June, 2000 until late that summer but at that time he did not have a car and never strayed from the path between Shadyside and Oakland along the road that he lived on. So this will be an experience for him being back there after all of these years on his own. He has only been back once or twice since then as it is.

We got an email today from Aer Lingus with deals during the winter to fly from New York to Ireland (Dublin/Shannon) for just $199 USD each way! That is $398 round trip. Talk about cheap.

Dominica and my OLPC arrived today at dad’s house! We are very excited. We are the very first to get one as we ordered ours in the first fifteen minutes of them being available through the Give One, Get One program. So this is a very big deal. Yay!

Dominica’s dad was able to take Friday off from work and so her parents are heading south to Houston on Friday instead of on Saturday which changes our weekend plans a bit. So now Dominica is taking off from work early tomorrow (she did extra time earlier this week so she isn’t losing any normal hours just losing her overtime that she was going to get) and driving Oreo up to just south of Albany to meet her parents and give them Oreo. She should be back to Newark around dinner time when I should be getting back from the office. Then on Friday night we will drive straight up to my dad’s house instead of first going to Frankfort and then going to Peoria on Saturday morning. And now it means that we can play with the OLPC that much earlier.

I did some Christmas shopping for Dominica today over my lunch break.  I can safely write that as she never reads the site.

Before she got home I made coffee for her and ordered in some dinner from Tony’s so that she wouldn’t have to worry about dinner tonight.  Not that she would have to cook but she has a really hard time deciding what she wants to eat and finds it very frustrating.

We ate dinner and watched most of an episode of Buck Rogers but the DVD stopped playing before the end of the episode and we didn’t get to finish it.  🙁  Now we will never know if Buck survives!

Oreo is off to his Christmas party at daycare tomorrow and then in the late afternoon off to join his grandparents in their drive to Houston, Texas.  So tonight he gets a bath and his flea dip.

After Oreo’s bath I worked on my collegiate reading assignments and did some of my weekly homework.  Dominica worked on some laundry and packing.  We are down to the wire for leaving the apartment for another week and a half.  Dominica also started reading “Exile” tonight.

Friday I am going into the Warren office for the team Christmas party.  Dominica will pick me up from the office on her way out of New Jersey and I will take over the driving from there.  We will be at dad’s sometime on Friday night quite late.

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  1. Tell Dominica I said Hi, from an old friend from High school who hasn’t spoken to her in 13 years and happened on this site quite by accident.


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