December 20, 2007: Preparing to Get Out of NJ

Merry Christmas from Straight No Chaser.

I had to get up early this morning and help Dominica pack the car. I saw Oreo off to daycare and I won’t get to see him again until afternoon on Christmas day! That is yet another long stretch without my dog and it makes me very sad.

I worked on Wall Street today. It was incredibly warm and you couldn’t tell that it was late autumn at all. It was bright and sunny and jackets were completely unneeded.

On my walk in and in the office today I finally finished reading “Notes from a Small Island” by Bill Bryson that I had started reading (read: listening to) on the flight from London to Newark a few weeks ago. After that I went on to the next book in the collection, “Neither Here Nor There“.

On my way home from work I swung into Borders and picked up the Icewind Dale Trilogy.  I was supposed to pick up thank you cards but the prices were so high that I decided that that was foolish to blow so much money on cards when people don’t really like cards all that much anyway.

At Newark Penn Station I stopped and grabbed McDonald’s for dinner and walk home with that.  Dominica beat me home (she left work at two this afternoon to drive Oreo up to Albany to meet her parents and drop him off with them.)  She turned on Buck Rogers in the Twenty Fifth Century and we watched an episode while we ate dinner.

There was a lot to be done tonight as we have to leave in the morning and will not be returning home for more than a week.  Dominica will be driving to work as usual and I will be taking NJ Transit out to Warren.  Then after work Dominica will pick me up from the office and we will drive to dad’s house.  So all of the packing and stuff has to be done tonight so that we can load the car in the morning.

We had a lot of work to do tonight so we ended up being up much later than we had hoped to be.

If you liked the first video, also check out Straight No Chaser (the Indiana University Men’s a Capella Men’s Chorus) singing Stand By Me in a Hardee’s Restaurant in Kentucky. And their cover of BoyzIIMen’s This Is How We Do It. (Much better than the original.) And Rascal Flatt’s God Bless the Broken Road.

You can order Straight No Chaser’s 1998 Archive DVD for shipment in January from

For those not aware, Indiana University is one of the world’s most renowned and respected music performance schools on par with Eastman and Juliard.

Dad, who found the Straight No Chaser Christmas Video, also sent “Crazy Little Dutch Man“. I came across the great Dutch “President Clinton” Commercial.

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