December 22, 2007: At Dad’s

We were pretty tired when we got up this morning around nine.  I was ready to head out of the house by ten which was about the time that Dominica was getting up.

At eleven thirty we met the Richardson clan sans Sara (the birthday girl) at the Omega Grill in Geneseo.  We had lunch there and hung out for an little more than an hour.  Jeremy and his girlfriend Rachel were able to make it along.

After lunch we went over to the Super Walmart in Geneseo.  It is so nice to have nice, clean, safe places to shop for a change.  It is a different world down in New Jersey.  Dominica did some Christmas shopping and also picked up the first season of Dexter and the eighth season of Full House on DVD.  I picked up two Nintendo Wii video games: Ace Combat and Madden NFL 2008.  We got those as we felt that they might be better family fun games than a lot of the stuff that we currently have.

We went back to dad’s house and the Richardsons all ended up coming over just minutes after we arrived.  We hooked up the Wii to dad’s 37″ LCD display in the basement and everyone played Wii Play and Ace Combat.  This was our first test of the Wii as an entertainment device for when people are gathering together.  So far, it has worked pretty well.

Dominica and I tried a game of Madden NFL 2008 but she quickly became frustrated and is not very enthusiastic about playing that any more.

Around five the Richardsons left and at five thirty the Ralstons, Art and Danielle but not Michael, came over to visit for the evening.  We ordered pizza from Davis’ Farm Market in Pavilion which Min and I try to get at least once on every trip home.  The Omega Grill and Davis’ are like my “tastes from home” these days.

We had a nice time visiting until about eleven, I think.  I lost track of time.  After they left Dominica stayed up for a while readying The Dark Elf Trilogy – she is still on “Exile”.  And I read some of “Beginning Java Game Programming 2nd Ed.” which just arrived from Amazon in today’s mail.

We tried doing some wireless work with the OLPC XO today but discovered that since dad’s wireless uses WPA2 security that the XO was unable to connect to it.  A little online research and we learned that the WPA security family is not yet supported by the XO’s software but is expected to be supported very soon.  For the time being we will have to make other arrangements.  Hopefully tomorrow we will get something figured out.

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