December 23, 2007: Old Cars

It is warmer today and the would-be white Christmas is quickly fading away. When we arrived in Peoria on Friday night there was a surprising amount of snow. It was several inches deep and the driveway and been ploughed to allow for cars to pass through. But this morning the snow is all but gone as the world turns into the greyish sky and brownish landscape of a warm western New York winter’s day.

I was up at seven forty-five but Dominica slept in until a quarter after ten. Dad was up and off to Sunday School (for adults) at nine thirty. I set up Min’s laptop in the kitchen and got to work catching up on the SGL Dailies as well as working on the OLPC XO’s wireless setting in the hope of making it work dad’s WPA2 wireless security. The really cool features of the XO are in its abilities online and I am anxious to see how well it works.

I found some directions online from the OLPC projects on setting WPA Settings Manually for advanced Linux users. So I gave those a whirl. It took a couple of tries but I finally got it working and now the OLPC is online and working great.

For lunch we decided to go to Geneseo again to the Omega Grill but when we got up to Geneseo we found that almost the entire village was without power and there was no way to get food there. So, since Dominica needed to hit the big Jefferson Road Post Office anyway, we went up to Henrietta for lunch at Red Lobster at noon. We had been making a trip to Red Lobster anyway.

After lunch we hit Marketview Liquors to do some wine shopping as we need to stock up on good New York wines whenever we have the chance since we can’t get this stuff down in New Jersey anywhere. Although we were excited to learn that our favourite winery (well my favourite) – Lakeshore Winery – is now able to ship to most of the US so we can probably get that now.

We hit the post office and Dominica finished her Christmas shipping. And then it was time to return home.

Once we got back to Peoria we spent an hour or more working on moving cars around. The BMW is going into storage and the Mazda is heading to Newark. The RX7 had to be run for a little while just to keep it healthy so we let it run for twenty minutes and I even took it out for a couple of spins around the driveway. Other than a small idling issue the car seems to be running great and is very drivable. I am looking forward to having a chance to really drive it again this summer now that it is ready to be inspected and registered again.

After dealing with the cars we started a fire in the living room fireplace and relaxed.  After a little while dad and I ran down to Greigsville to grab some subs from the gas station on the corner.  But they have mostly closed up their food operations there, it seems, and have a far more limited menu than they have for the past fifteen years and they had already closed by the time that we got there.  That is very sad as they were incredibly handy and had very tasty subs.  But one of the patrons at the gas station saw that we wanted food and suggested that we try the new sub shop in York.

So we drove down to York which is just two miles or so down the road.  The new York Deli is in the old York Landings building on the “downtown” corner of York, NY.  They have been the York Deli since August.  We went in and were surprised both that they were open and that they had a pretty good selection of food.  We ordered three subs and then drove home with them.  The food was excellent and we will definitely be getting food from there quite a bit in the future.  That is, until they close too.

We just relaxed most of the evening and went to bed early.  I have to work tomorrow and we have more work to do around the farm as we attempt to clean up our stuff that is there a little at a time whenever we are around.  I did have a bit of homework to do so I spent an hour or so working on that tonight too.  My school holiday does not begin until tomorrow.

Dominica finished reading “Exile” before going to bed.

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