December 26, 2007: Boxing Day

I slept in quite a bit this morning with Oreo. Dominica was up early and went out to hang out with people before eight in the morning which is very strange for her. Oreo and I were exhausted and enjoyed the chance to just snuggle and sleep for a while.

I am working today from Francesca’s house so I immediately set up shop and got to work. There wasn’t a lot of work to do today but there was some and it needed to be seen to.

The Wii was in use almost the entire day by one person or another. In fact, I believe that the Grices’ new Wii may have already seen more use just today than our Wii has seen in total use in the several months that we have owned it with the exception of its use as an emulated Nintendo 64 for Paper Mario!

I discovered from Chris today that Assassin’s Creed is expected to release for the PC platform in one or two months. This caused Dominica and I to decide to reevaluate our decision to get an XBOX 360. The only game that was really driving us to get the 360 at this time was Assassin’s Creed. The other games for the platform that I want are Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Call of Duty 4 both of which are also available for the PC with better graphics and game play. So getting the 360 suddenly doesn’t seem like it is the best idea. So we are pretty sure that we are going to re-gear our plans and get a nice, new Windows Vista desktop to hook up in the living room dedicated to entertainment. We will probably get a 360 sometime but we can wait for the prices to fall farther and not have a large, hot, ugly device in our bedroom that we can’t figure out where to put.

So the new plan is to have the PC, Dreamcast and the Nintendo Wii in the living room and the PS2 in our bedroom. This is probably a better arrangement and has less overlap of systems. We have been without a serious PC gaming platform for a long time. Dominica’s desktop was used as a gaming system for a while but it was horribly outdated when we finally took it apart and moved her to just using a laptop. So now we have nothing at all. So in the end we will have the PS2 for night-time gaming and our back catalogue of classic Console RPGs that we really like, the Wii in the living room for “party” games and the PC for serious, hard core gaming as well as for casual web surfing and for movies.

Most of the day was spent with people playing either Wii or PS3.  None of the games were even slightly interesting to me though.  Either first person shooters on the PS3 or Carnival games on the Wii.  Not my cup of tea.

Tomorrow my plan is to go into the office at Williams Tower in Houston.  Probably best to escape the mayhem here.

I “turned in” on the early side and spent some time reading “The Crystal Shard” by R. A. Salvatore – the third book in the Drizzt Cycle.  Dominica is still working on “Sojourn”.  Several people are attempting to escape by reading around here.

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