December 25, 2007: Christmas in Texas

It sure felt early when the alarms went off at three this morning.  It was all that we could do to pull ourselves out of bed and get ready to leave.  We did a good job though and were able to get onto the road at three thirty to head off to the airport in Rochester.

As soon as we pulled out onto Peoria Road the road slid and we were worried that we would have really bad driving conditions all of the way to the airport but it turned out to be fine.  We got to the airport right around four thirty and there was plenty of time for us to get through security and to get breakfast at McDonald’s before going to the gate to wait to board our plane to Atlanta.

Our first flight made it off without any problems at all and we were in Atlanta, GA right on time.  We ended up having to wait a little while before boarding our connecting flight to Houston because one of the planes connecting to ours was delayed from wherever it was coming from so we left Atlanta about twenty minutes late.  But AirTran managed to make up the time and we landed at Houston-Hobby in Texas ahead of our original schedule.

Francesca and Emily picked us up and zipped us over to the Grice’s so that we could celebrate Christmas.  Oreo was so glad to see us when we came through the door.  He had no idea that we were coming.

The weather was actually nice in Houston.  Much cooler than we had been anticipating.

Christmas present opening took forever as usual.  We opened presents from around eleven until after three in the afternoon.  Big items included a really awesome Garmin GPS unit for Dominica and I and another matching one for the Grices.  We are excited as this unit will also function as a hands free mobile phone kit, as an MP3 player for the car and as an Audible book reader!  Joe got a PlayStation 3.  Grices got a Nintendo Wii.

Not long after opening presents I turned in with Oreo and took a nap for a while.  We were both really exhausted.  We probably slept for three hours.

While we were sleeping there was a lot of Wii playing going on in the living room.  When we got up we all watched Spiderman 3 which was a really weak movie with a horrible plot.  I hope that that is the end of that flailing series.

After that it was pretty much time for bed.

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